How to Get A FREE Minecraft Server

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This trick STILL works and I’m currently using this trick to get a free minecraft server! Configuring server plugins and spending your hard earned money on hosting servers is no longer necessary! This method takes a little extra effort, but it is well worth it! Configuring server plugins and spending your hard earned money on hosting servers is no longer necessary!

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Moke Boobibe says:

I won a game of minecraf bed wars last night

LuckyzYT says:

But how do i be a FUCKING YOUTUBER!

MiningShark says:

Subscribe to my youtube channel so I can get a minecraft server, Lol not really but if you want to sub then go right ahead. Lol

Volt pvp says:

That is true just be a fucking youtuber

薛陳月美 says:

I will soon have a sub so make me a server IGN Juniyuni make me owner now and I’ll give you 60% of my earnings roughly 0.00000001 cents

Benjamin Hays says:


GabrielGaming12/Gabriel Cazares #GabrielClan says:

Want a Minecraft server? YOU F***ING DESERVE IT! two days later… SERVER RELEASE

Krystian B. says:

Where is a number phone?

Pyde says:

I actually thought I was gonna get my own free server…. stupid acehole

Souheil Super Gameur says:

fock you sister

SuperBub Gaming says:

I hate people who edit their comment.

DJ Maximum says:

Where do I buy this?

Csigusz SzarvTM says:

I am do youtube videos for 3 years and i have 69 subs….. But i see a little 1 year old boy who have got 1 video and 9587 subs…

Chase and Cat’s server says:

srsly i was exited

ItzJamesPlaz says:

Ace can you send me a link to the T-Shirt you are wearing

Server Destroyer says:



DhylunSpark YT says:

I just need to become a F**king Youtuber

InfamousHawk says:

I got one for free lol I don't need this but I still want to see the vid lol

Rei Runner says:

What f**k**g nightmares joke

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