How to get free 24/7 minecraft server hosting 2015 | Unlimited Slots | No surveys | Free forever

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ArgaJones says:

I can’t reply to you directly lazycow, but you just need to click renew
every day.

ArgaJones says:

Syloh games I can’t reply to you directly but it saves your worlds :)

Kawaii Alexis says:

This constantly crashes. No plugins, complete vanilla, just me on it… How
do I fix this? 

michael rey castillo says:

Hey +ArgaJones Im a user of triangle starting december, can I ask what
program in recording u used and is it paid, if it is how much?

MR. Crunchypebble says:

so it saves your world? when you renew dose it delete the world? if you
don’t renew for 1 week dose it delete your world? can my friends get on the
server with out me being on the server? 

ZackthekidRS3 says:

When I click the button that says Start, so I can start the server, the
server doesn’t start.

Calebcarstar - TheRealGamerz says:

How can you change it to endgland not usa? does it matter?

Bob Beer says:

when i put it online it says succes but its still on offline mode

Matt Plays says:

i paid for premium to skip the queue and now it says error 404 and I’m
upset because i paid any advice on how to fix it?

The Power PvP says:

Does it delete the world when you renew it?

michael rey castillo says:

+ArgaJones I have A problem, cant open config file coz its application
error cant fix for 3 weeks pls help making a bungee server coz It was
deleted for non renewal

TheDiamondThief says:

Hi, Is It Possible If You Can Upload Your Own Minecraft World From Your
Saves Folder??? thx! 

Jeff1061 says:

your voice is retarded

Inês Serrão says:

keeps saying “start server failed with the following error: 504 Server
Error: Gateway Time-out”. HELP :(

UnicornGamingMC says:

It will mr let me get past step 2. help please!!

The fire Dome says:

this dose not work

Paper Tigers says:

what happens you dont renew it?

Vitor Dutra says:

help me! just have 16 slots!!!

kian hilton says:

I’m your 150th sub

Ghostly MC says:

takes forever to get a server its just terrible

DinoDoesMC says:

Ah man i think ive tried this before and i have waited months and it still
hasn’t showed up

Rayyan Hodges says:

My server wont start up when I click start server

TeamTekkitPika TeamPika says:

keeps crashing it wont to download so this sucks

WL K says:

It says error unable to find data dir

ItzJoshPlays says:

Do you just have to renewal it every day

GamenMet Fuzz says:

my server don’t start up he say Something wen’t wrong 🙁 please help

Syloh Games says:

if u renew does the world delete 

Jeff1061 says:

but thx it works

ItzJoshPlays says:

The server only lasts 35 hours?

WL K says:

How do you change the seed
Of ur world

Akmal Riedza says:

How i change the location?

TheGamingButterfinger299 says:

thank u

LAZYCOW 247 says:

it runs out in 35 hours

LAZYCOW 247 says:

oh ok lol

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