How To Go From Building NOOB To PRO in Minecraft

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How To Go From Building NOOB To PRO in Minecraft. This is how to build in minecraft and improve in building in general. This is my minecraft tricks and tips to minecraft building. They are my opinion and suggestions, minecraft is a creative game and you can build how you like, you can take my suggestions or not theres no right or wrong!

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Miss FruitPie says:

"I'm in love with the shape of you~"

Dylan McGuire says:

why do you use an axe and not build it instead

Le Ngo says:

I liked how you humped air when shape came along 0:44

anne says:

watching grian's vids makes me so inspired

king craft says:

… umm my mind is not big to rember all this tomorrow ?

Sinon_____ says:

Thx for the tutorial for shaping. It really made my house nice with slabs and stairs roof. Maybe next time make a video about building figures instead of houses?

Castodas says:

I prefer Bob Ross. "Don't worry about anything. Just happy little mistakes"
I don't recall him ever saying, 'this is how you don't paint like a noob.'

I'd say some of the best builds come from experience and limitations. Either limited space, limited resources, or limited time.
I say make that blocky structure.  If you don't like it you can just go search for a new home base and start fresh; or else, slowly whittle away, adjust, and add on to the original structure and let it develop organically. Then over time you begin to see patterns that really appeal to you and all your future builds will already include the things you like and skipping the things you didn't care for much.

But don't let this guy tell you what is right or wrong; creativity is you, and nobody else (Unless you are building collaboratively, of course).

TheLizardAmaterasu says:

Why the F are you not building houses in real life??!

RedMiner says:

Grian, thank you for making this video. Before, I thought what I was making looked good, but everyone else said it could use some improvement. Well, I watched this video, built a house in 4 hours, and there's been no complaints at all about it. Thank you for making this video, it really helped!

MisterGrapes says:

what is bulkedit?

Tamar Adelsohn says:

Thank you so much! I'm very excited to try out some of these tips now! Before I was having a lit of trouble with shapes and roofs (rooves? Not sure) but now I think I understand. At least, in theory I do. Hopefully that translates into my practice!

ShadowMonarch258 says:

you see I would do this in my survival world….but not being able to fly is too much of a pain in the ass

chimanruler15 says:

Wow. I never knew how important shape was. My houses would always look basic and uninteresting. With these tips, I finally managed to make a decent looking house.

Phyllis Daniel says:

I got a bad pun for when grian was explaining the gray house
"U can say there r 50 shades of gray"

Brad B says:

thanks for the tips. really helped me spice up my world.

Gangsta Pikachu says:

When i tried this I failed 🙁

Kay Cray_108 says:

I love your beautiful builds. it's so amazing.

The Evolve Gamer says:

Really helpful tips, would love to see more work.

Margaret Manges says:


The Minkers/AIDoLS says:

I'd say my buildings are in between pro and noob.

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