How To Join My Minecraft Server…

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Let’s see if you guys can do it…1,500 LIKES IN 1 HOUR for the link to buy Alpha Passes. Like I said it will be open to the public this is merely for people who want a sneak peek and are impatient LOL.
SNAPCHAT: officialxturtle


SNAPCHAT: officialxturtle

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What is your favorite song

Hacks that I’m using!
Flux b4

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Ryan Playz says:

How do I put on anti cheat on pandora

SavixurTunes says:

If you need any developers, reply.

NaseemAsla says:

why do they hack not cool

Youlasty says:

Easier, go see the ip, put it in, join.

Focus- agar says:

What is ip?

Garroth says:

what's the ip

Samuel Nicolas says:

I mean 0:23

GeT LeFt says:

why you hack?

Solid Gold Entertainment says:

what hacks do you use


[18:33:03] ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸχℳᴿClαѕѕιc || Proef-DJ/ ||: IP:
Country Code: NL (NLD)
Country: Netherlands
Region: Noord-Holland
City: Amsterdam
Postal Code / zip: 1091
ISP: Ziggo
Organization: Ziggo
ASN: AS9143 Ziggo
Continent: EU (Europe)
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam (Sun, 12 Feb 2017 18:32:53 +0100)
Google Maps:,4.9167


minecraft says:

Hotline bling

GeJIJa dragonheart says:

but xturtle i want to join but i don't want to pay

xBear says:

i have alts but im dont know how to check my alts

XProssCenter says:

xTURTLE you lost my full respect bye

HypeTurtle - Minecraft And Tabs says:


zipay says:

Plz unban me on mineplex – zipay

creeper craft says:

1 like = xtrutle's server

Justin Choi says:

Do you want to get trolled?

read more…

Wee Dean says:

Yo i bought minecraft accounts of SuperAlts but there all banned of mineplex how do you get accounts that arent banned?

Rafik B3m1 says:

the ip of your serv pls man

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