How to make a 1.8.9 minecraft server

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This video is for a subscriber skull crusher.
Server File:
Code for .zip: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

Code for .jar: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui


Christian Emil Meyer Poulsen 7A Arden Skole says:

its izi just follow all steps i looked through three times and last time I finaly got it to work. Dude your a small channel but a helpfull one, thx for putting the effort into making the videos.

Dare says:

i dont have the "server" notepad plz help

Dash2Much says:

change it from jaa to dot dip XD

Epiczone360 says:

when i open command prompt it says press any key i press a key and it closes it

Maddison Raymond says:

for some reason i have winrar and i changed it to zip but it still pops up as press any key to continue… please help thank you

Maddison Raymond says:

didnt work…

mushi says:

Are you Kripke from The Big Bang Theory??

WhiteEyez Gamer says:

This intro. WHY

Felspire says:

This is't needed anymore with the new launcher. simply click launch options, add new, find whichever version you want to get the server on, and to the right of the version it should say download server.

Jarr Graphics says:


Beat boxer 3000 says:

its superior i agree pls help

Kai Song says:

That intro is cringy

Panda PlayzMC says:

Help so much

TheEmeraldShogun says:

I put in the ip from Hamachi and I checked if it was ipv4 but it keeps on telling me that I cant access it and there is no further info, Plz help. this is the only helpful video I found

David Bearry says:

when I press any button in cmd it closes immediately. Any advise?

John Cosgrave 73 says:

wtf was that intro

Andrew Chung says:

it says it is unable to access jar file rip HELP

Vasilis Bekris says:

Is it for cracked or premium?

Andrew Chung says:

when i open the bat file, the command opens for a half a second and closes

CoreyTL says:

worst intro ever

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