How to Make a Minecraft 1.8.4 Server Easily (Windows/Mac) (No Hamachi) (Working)

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Java start.command Code:
Minecraft Server Download:

Hey guys, in this video I will be walking you through step by step on how to make your very own Minecraft 1.8.4 server! This works on both Windows and Mac without using Hamachi, this is a very simple process. A step by step guide can be found below, enjoy the tutorial!

1. Download the Minecraft_Server.exe file from the Minecraft download page.
2. Make a new folder on your Desktop and call it minecraft_server.
3. Drag the Minecraft_Server.exe that you downloaded into the new folder.
4. Run the Minecraft_Server.exe file inside of the folder.
5. You are now running your very own Minecraft 1.8.4 server on Windows!

1. Download the minecraft_server.jar file from the Minecraft download page.
2. Make a new folder on your desktop and call it minecraft_server.
3. Drag the minecraft_server.jar file into the new folder.
4. Open up your text editing program and make a new plain text document.
5. Copy in the necessary start.command code found in one of the links above.
6. Go to your Terminal or console and type chmod a+x, do not press enter.
7. Now, drag your start.command that is located inside of your folder, onto the console window.
8. Press enter and your Minecraft server GUI should appear.
9. You are now running a Minecraft 1.8.4 server on Mac/Linux!

How to Make a Minecraft 1.8.4 Server Easily (Windows/Mac) (No Hamachi) (Working)
How to Make a Minecraft 1.8.4 Server Easily (Windows/Mac) (No Hamachi) (Working)
How to Make a Minecraft 1.8.4 Server Easily (Windows/Mac) (No Hamachi) (Working)


Tigershortfoot says:

Look here legit modern, when we try to open the “start.command” terminal it
says exactly this: The file “start.command” could not be executed because
you do not have appropriate access privileges. now help us!!!!

ErosionSwordz says:

If you get [Process complete] follow these steps:

1. Rename the jar to just minecraft_server.jar (No 1.8)
2. Open the jar and let the few files load
3. Open the EULA and chance the EULA=FALSE to EULA TRUE
4. Now open the start.command


lmmatgaming says:

how do you gt the ip

Jake Levi says:

can people from around the world connect to this?


my one is saying something different

Last login: Sat Apr 18 00:34:08 on ttys000
/Users/abigailvaldez/Desktop/Minecraft_server.jar/start.command ; exit;
Abigails-MacBook-Pro:~ abigailvaldez$
/Users/abigailvaldez/Desktop/Minecraft_server.jar/start.command ; exit;
Unable to access jarfile minecraft_server.jar

[Process completed]

Doom Tuffy says:

My GUI doesn’t appear, what should I do??

pootis inc. says:

someone HELP! when i double click on the start.command, it says you do not
have the appropriate access privileges. open this in finder and go to
file>get info to change privilages. i changed them so that everyone has
access to read and write, but when i try to open it it says the same thing.
please help me!

BrohalastGaming says:

its not in the discription or is it?????

LightningShadow says:

Every file comes up except for the GUI. What should i do/ D:

Battlevsgame In TDM says:


Ella Anderson says:

Should I download it if it says it may harm your computer?

Will Stump says:

please help I cant type in my ip!!! I can only type localhost for it to

LucaPul says:

If the GUI doesn’t show up, open the start.command with textedit and
delete the text which says ‘nogui’. Its that simple.

ConnorBee Thompson says:

you go to quick and you do not say everything you need to do 

llama connor says:

How do you get the ip

DazmontNightmare says:

After putting the chmod a+x part then I pasted the start.command.I opened
it and nothing happened,

Random Name says:

What Ip do i give my friends

MountainMarker says:

Can you make a single player world INTO a server? If so, how?

Dana Cole says:

what if you dont have text edit

Cormac McKeon says:

dis does not make sense da a+x thing does not work! :{ 

davettiger says:

OLD 2013, .I.

DatGuyT says:

when i clicked on the start.command it worked and opened BUT the minecraft
server application on your dock did not show up for me. and the terminal
thing says process completed at the bottom and has less code then u do…

Shannon Monaghan says:

what terminal? i dont have no terminal???

lakersfan12700 says:


ManOfGaming says:

When I try to open my start command it says “the file start.command could
not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges”(in
fine print) ” to view or change access privileges, select the file in the
Finder and choose File > Get Info.” AND I DID, HELP ME PLS MAKE A VID OR


Wildcat2580 Minecraft says:

That happend to me too!!!!! Why legitmodern WHY!!!!!!!!!

Mc Godz says:

I double click minecraft server 1.8.3 and it opens and then closes right
away help plz?

Dlanor Brak says:

i need a IP

Xeth _Gaming says:

he has mackeeper it damages your computer

Melissa BTW says:


SpeedArrow says:

My regular minecraft srver does not open

Harry Ingham says:

Ugh it doesn’t let me put the new file

4321GamingChannel says:

how many gigs do i need for a decent server

Sabb Dadlei says:

6:41 Do i need to get my servers ip in there if i want a internetfriend to
join? or need i to do something else? O.o

LPSChants says:

After i change the true to false on the eula and open the start.command txt

kyra bodin says:

my sister deleted the terminal what should i do

IntoTheDungeon Plays says:

This is BOGUS.
It doesn’t WORK.

Egghead Entertainment says:

textedit doesn’t work for me, what else will?

Olivia Lunn says:

when I do the download part of I download it but I only get 2
files which are eula.txt and they are the only files I
receive I don’t get the minecraft_server where it opens up the logs and chat

Gizmo PlaysMC says:

I can’t open up… it just says there is no application
set to it

iAwesome Minecraft says:

Thanks for all the help 🙂 +LegitModern 

Rainbow Kittnz says:

every time i try to open it in the folder it wont open it shows the log in
for a split sec then quits. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?

Dhruv R says:

I did open the file like you did at around 4:40 but it just opened in text

P3kic says:

idk why it does not work

kazi daiyan says:

how do people join this

Mike DePinto says:

U did nothing to help me u fucking retard

Lucky Diamond says:

Does this really work :/ everyone is complaining it doesn’t

Ben Francis says:

Does anyone know how to fix the blank GUI textbox on windows?

Games2u says:

legit modern it didn’t work it says I don’t have privlagges to keep it
running but it will open up and run for 1 second then crash HELP????

Boss Pvper says:

What do u edit with

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