How To Make A Minecraft Server: 1.8 [UPDATED VERSION] [TUTORIAL]

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Hey everyone! Minecraft 1.8 recently came out and in this tutorial I will show you guys on how to make a minecraft server. Everything you need to know is in this tutorial!

command for run.bat file ↓



“%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe” -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.exe


“%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe” -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.exe


“%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe” -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.exe


“%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe” -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.exe


java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.7.10.exe gui


Click here to fix run.bat issues ↓


Q: Why is my server not connecting?
A: Make sure you typed in IPv4 address when you click “Add Server” in Minecraft.
If that doesn’t work,
try placing your IP address instead of IPv4 address. To find your IP
address go to
Make sure your server is RUNNING and DO NOT close your server or the black command
prompt box.

Q: How do my friends join my server?
A: You’re friends MUST type in your IP address, not your IPv4. If they can not connect,
make sure they type in :25565 after the IP

Q: Why can’t my friends join my server? I did everything correctly!
A: You might of done everything correctly, but MAKE SURE you leave uTorrent RUNNING. Make sure you port-fowarded on uTorrent just like how I showed you on the video. If you close uTorrent, you close your port, therefore no one will be able to connect. Leave uTorrent running at all times. You can of course close uTorrent when you are not playing on your server.

Q: How do I port foward?
A: Download uTorrent ☞ Open uTorrent ☞ Click Options ☞ Click Preferences ☞ Click Connections ☞ Type in 25565 for “Port used for incoming connections” ☞ Click Apply and Ok

Q: Can I port foward to my router instead of uTorrent?
A: Yes, you can! Many people don’t know how to port foward on their router, and it could be confusing. Port fowarding through uTorrent is a much faster alternative, since a lot of people don’t know their router login, and don’t know how to access the Port Fowarding / Triggering section.

Q: I tried all the run.bat commands but none of them work. What can I do?
A: Go to this website and it will give you a step by step tutorial on how to fix the run.bat issues you might have

Q: How do I find my IP Address?


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Fadi Khoury says:

Why making a minecraft multiplayer server is that hard why cant it be just
in the game it self like u press multiplayer in game and then u see down
below make server why cant it be like that?

Dilay Cagliyan says:

okay, so
i’ve done all the steps and i’m a little bit stuck! i’ve done the run.bat
and i can open run and it says
‘the system cannot find the path specified’
‘press any key to enter’
why is thiss? :c

GcpMC says:

found out problem , download new server file and paste this code but first
delete the .1.8 and leave .exe
java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.exe gui

Jake Milligan says:

im on 1.8 minecraft with really good wifi and i type in my ip and its says
no connection pinging !!!!!!!! and i did all the steps correctly

OrigamiLeaf says:

Every time I make the run.bat, I cannot make it work. ; x ;
My java version is 8. Whenever I try to make the run.bat. I try different
method with names. I’ve done this for the past 4 hours without any correct
form. _ _

It says (when I click run) -> ‘C:Program’ is not recognized as an
internal or external command, operable program or batch file….

I try out the window words but that didn’t work. ; x ; I follow the link
and also tried to check on my java.exe and path(which i think i got it
working..) but the end result still show that… Please help! Thank you if
you can! >.<

Holly Brine says:

ipconfig isnt working it saus its not an internal or external command!

MeneerSam says:

so i made my server and everything works, but i cant see my skin in my own
server. i see it in other servers, but not mine! how do i fix this?

Kastoruz says:

Connecting to the server…
Failed to connect to the server Connection timed out: no further information:

Please help. What can I do to fix this?

Evan Campagna says:

Hey could you help me plz the codes for run.bat don’t work!! I even went to
the Bukkit website but its not working!! plz help!!

Megatron1009 says:

stupid piece of crap dont work i tried everything even the bukkit site and
no use still doesnt work .bat is shit and i fucking hate this im buying a
server this shit isnt worth it

Alex G says:

It worked!!! Thank you so much!!! You should now make a tutorial on how to
put plugins and stuff into it :D

lynnzie ruland says:

my ip address is the same as yours but the last number is a 5

TrixOnTheLine_NorskGaming says:

What am i gonna do when it says: SERVER IS RUNNING OFFLINE MODE…..?

Poison Ivy LPS says:

At 1:00 when i clicked on mine
craft_server or whatever it was, it said failed

Svi Tutorijali says:

You are fucking amazing thank you

Jumbo Size says:

I have tried every run.bat file and none of them works. It manages to load
cmd but not my Javascript, and it says something like: Unable to acsess
jarfile in minecraft_server.1.7.10

Eric XGaming says:

it says its timed out what do i do? i really want to create a server and
have multiple people join and have some fun!

Sam Chen says:

Thanks this helped me a lot but i don’t know how to op myself in the cmd

Zalfa Nadhira says:

and a problem again. When I opened the minecraft server applicstion, it
opens, but a second later it closed again. It kept happening. Help?

Gamecraft er says:

i have no RUN !! ??? please help me :{

Thomas Gunnarsjaa says:

please help me. when i double clicked the new textdocument that u said to
go to the discription to get the code and paste it in the new textdocument,
it didnt show up in the code. plz help

hey it's Mafer says:

I need help with the ip part i tipw in ipconfig but it just doesnt work

The Betas says:

will changing the port effects?

Bogerous says:

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH i’ve been trying to do this for 3 years and ive

Logan Whitney says:

Mine is saying when i try to put in the run.bat things it cannot find the
path specified… Help please?

OhreCraft Creations says:

Wtf man my server doesn’t work!I tried all the commands and all of them did
not work!Now I can’t add plugins to the server!MAN!HELP

Caleb J says:

Is port forwarding through uTorrent safe? Are there any security issues
that I should be aware of when attempting this? i.e. Hackers, virus??? Is
Firewall and Malewarebytes anti-malware enough? Do you add and allow port
25565 on firewall exceptions???And will hosting the server use a ton of
memory, GBs or lag my game . I am using Window Vista. Thanks. =)

Tolgahan Inci says:

my friend had a server and he banned my friend +kurt17 so i banned him :D

Bootskoot589 says:

If NOTHING works for the run.bat code, try this. DO NOT USE THIS FIRST AND

“C:Program FilesJavajre7binjava.exe” -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar

It might give a warning on the file save type but as far as I know it
doesn’t do anything wrong and if it does PLEASE tell me. Also like this
comment if it helped you for others to find it.

Bill says:

fuck you cancer fag it didnt work im reporting this video

alexum891 says:

hey man, great video. but, one question what if im a premium user but my
friends aren’t? 

Kevin Shi says:

It still don’t work

BlazingDestro says:

it doesnt come up with “Open with” option for me please help

Jerssshhh says:

What’s the Max amount of people on the server?

Stefan Sokola says:

Do someone know what windows this guy have?

Thegolden ingot says:

can uTorrent give me a virus. Please get back to me as soon as you can
because I really want to make it 

Dylan Melchior says:

For some reason, it closes the minecraft server thing automatically and
won’t open up the other things (when I rename it, it doesn’t even work)

Savannah Sholly says:

I love this video! I made my own server. But I have a question. When I’m on
my server it randomly stops and kicks me off the server and I have to
re-run it. Do u know why that happens? If not that’s fine I’ll find a way
to fix it

Aiden Craig says:

Where the hell do u get the run thing!?!?!

Cade Kennedy's says:

my ip was the same as urs what do i do ?

Zerina B. says:

Did anyone get any viruses from the utorrent? Pls I need answers asap!

Ender PlaysMC says:

My friends cant join, everytime he tries to join it, it says “Refuse to
join” or something like that. I gave him my IP that was on IP chicken but
it doesnt work, i even had him put the :25565 thing after my IP, please
help :)

Josiah Olsen says:


austin thompson says:

can someone please respond. how did you open the thing at 5:01

CubeCrack says:

I did everything, but the run.bat is not working… help?

Miss Ocelot says:

My minecraft server works, and I’m able to connect but when I connect it
just shows the world like it’s trying to load the terrain, then disconnects
me. Any reason why? All steps were followed correctly

Jack Wetzel says:

when i click on the run.bat file when it says press anykey to continue it

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