How To Make a Minecraft Server 1.9 – With Hamachi

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Hello, everyone, I am here doing a video once again and today everyone I am going to show you how to make a Minecraft server
with hamachi! Hope you Enjoy :D!





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Rayne J says:

this is not working I never find a video on YouTube that's help me get a server ?????????????????????

AlexRus says:

I really enjoyed this video bro, and of course I left a like! And I just
made awesome discovery: How to destroy BEDROCK with TNT in minecraft!!!
Watch this video to learn how to blow up bedrock in minecraft: This feature is secretly added in minecraft
in 1.9 update and only few of minecraft players know about it!!

Embedded Irony says:

My friend tried to join and it said Timed out and something about java can someone help?

Tan Victor says:

Mine downloads a zip file

Alex Gabel says:

Looking to play minecraft with someone

foggy11 says:

You sound like quite the young lad, but I must admit, this is the most useful Minecraft 1.9 server how-to video I've come across. I did this on Mac, was a pretty much the same but I worked it out. What makes this video special is that it shows a way to invite friends that actually works!! Love it, thanks mate :)

lukas gaming says:

as soon as i put the i copy the server ip and past it when i open the server it just closes rigth after

ZappNation says:

keep getting timed out and cant join

Dr Bubbles says:

How can someone become an admin or use commands?!

tommy waltion says:

can you help me some how the server said i already use that port s how do i change the port ?
and there said "**FAILED TO BIND TO PORT**"
then it made a request to java to bind then said perhaps already running on that port ?
stopping the server

TheOrangePretzel says:

Does this work with existing worlds?

Marcelo Mišlov says:

why is that run my adobe and say that dont want to run!!!

Girl Gamer says:

What will you type when you exit the minecraft file? I did not understand it, my sister is in her room laughing like a beast..

Lenny4Lenny says:

faied to login:invalid session (try restarting your game)
help someone pls

Payton Mondoux says:

Every time I install it, it turns into a .ZIP file, is there something that I am doing wrong???

TheNicoMander says:

really good video, but please turn down your intro and outro

Purple_Tree says:

My WinRAR makes the minecraft server a .zip so I don't have the eula file or any of that crap.

KennyBoy14 says:

Dude your intro is louder than your fucking non puberty voice

Nico Sandström says:

can pepole with cracked clients join too if i put online-mode=false?

Jelle Reynders says:


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