How to make a Minecraft Server for 1.12

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How to make Bukkit/Spigot Server:

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LBEGaming says:

Hey everyone it is very important that you watch the entire video and you're not skipping through it.
If you having problems please click on this time stamp: 7:16
If you want friends to join your server please click here: 11:00
If you want to know more about port forwarding please click on this time stamp: 10:51

Wilgotny says:

Could you help me?

It says : Access Token can not be null or empty ( i have got non-premim )

CSGO Pancake says:

Still won't add eula files and stuff, done this before but wont work now :/ maybe my previous things messed it up.

TheAceOf Life says:

How do I verify my username?

Victor Malone says:

do i have to keep the .bat open 24/7? once i close the .bat the whole server is lost/deleted

BeJewled Sugar Shop says:

thanks this really helped!!!

Minecraft Nation says:

did not work

LlunviMc says:

How do you make it multiplayer

KubeX says:

How  do you add plugins?

CadizMamba says:

do i need an premium account on this thng? cuz it doesnt work on me please help

Andi Rasyad says:

where did you get the minecraft.exe?

12Maksiu123 says:

its not working for me

Derpy Snowcone says:

thx so much that helped a lot and i have been trying to get a server for years!!!

RamKing Gaming says:

CAN YOU HELP ME I HAVE MY SERVER but it doesent have a ip yet ;( and idk how to get a ip for it and my friends REALLLLY want to join it so plz help me ;(

SpookyBlue says:

Thanks so much for this video!

Bill Gaming says:

wait im stuck at the run.bat part

Rex says:

Can you run the server without using the folder

Rex says:

Dude thanks a lot !, I liked the video great effort might subscribe !

Rex says:

What is the download link

Sup guys says:

Hi LBEGaming i have trouble creating my server. When i did everything and clicked on the Run.bat the second time it said " is the server overloading ? Running 2100 ms behind, skipping 42 tick(s)" I don't know what to do?

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