How To Make A Minecraft Server For Free 2015: “1.8.4 Minecraft Server” Windows 7/8 Easiest Way

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How To Make A Minecraft Server For Free 2015 is a topic that a lot of people need help with. In this Minecraft Server Tutorial, I will Show you guys the easiest way to create a Minecraft 1.8.4/1.8.3./1.8 server for For FREE in the year 2015. Hope This tutorial helps you guys make a free minecraft server!

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Sweg Moose says:

I don't have properties for some reason…

FaZe Jbone 3 says:

it said cant resolve host name

Dani is bae says:

I did everything exact it didnt work :-:

Zoe Hange says:

I couldn't open the server properties after that first time and now I cant open it anymore and run my server. Please help, I don't care who.

Lucyl Fanal says:

u didnt say how to open ur server and i tried..a LOT of times! plus i put the server ip on original minecraft and ur way didnt work! HELP. cause im starting to think ur a fraud and im telling my 13 (girl) and 12 (boy) cousins and every adult i know to unsubscribe! tel me how soon or im teling them to. and believe me, they will.

dude505123emo says:

Amber Goertzen says:

so u dont pay for anything?????

Grandpa Cola says:

Squala um I really want to have my own server ;_; I'm crying because I don't know if it would work.

matt de lange says:

i can't open with note pad !!!!!!

The Eagle Mapper says:

Does it work on 1.8.7 too?

CurseCraftMC Minecraft PvP says:

srsly this is the "easiest way" this is like the normal way

De Ballenbak Gangsters says:

IT dont works.. You tot THE server but nobody can JOIN

OmgItzJamie x says:

How do you get the server ip do you just put any numbers?

Ashraf Ali says:

How to be the opt?

GamerTube says:

My server doesn't work HLP

Jen Barnes says:

When u go to open it doesnt say open with, it just says open. and it doesnt work.

Emma Mixon says:

When I tell it to run as administrator nothing happens… Help please.

KawaiiLuvz :3 says:


trubel maker11 says:

dose this  work on the acer pc? and how do I know if it is windows 7/8?

xXx_Head_Shot_xXx 2000 says:

dude the server didnt work

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