How To Make A Pickaxe Fountain In Minecraft! | Minecraft Tutorials #21

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Hello! Today you will see how to make a pickaxe fountain in Minecraft!

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HowToMinecraft - Minecraft Tutorials & More says:

nice quality!

L3VIMc says:

This is not a fountain, it's a statue…

Duddeh Ish Here says:

Nice video m8. And I subscribe

Liang Lifang says:

Im a new subscriber!

Liang Lifang says:

This is great!

Tessa Jacobs says:

thats not a fontein

Clorox Bleach says:

Your better than magma musen!

FailsWithSunmaker 769 says:

Nice tutorial I could use it to make my worlds better I will now subscribe!

Reactorfoam says:

Do I need to use diamond and lapiz blocks?

CrystalWood YT says:

Whats you're texture pack?

Maukustus says:

You are good and i subscribed

momma jess says:

I love it it was cool when I make I love your vids I each day it was AWSOME!!!

Nogales195 RBLX says:

This will be perfect when you have a mansion in minecraft
I love it

Panda Dj says:

hi do you have a server

Shullya GamerHD says:

good build man

YaBoiViper XD says:

No problem you deserve more subs dude!

YaBoiViper XD says:

I really enjoy your tutorials keep up the good work!!

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