How to Make a Rideable Animal Carousel in Minecraft

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In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad shows off how you can make a carousel with different animals and you can ride them just like at the fun fairs!!

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Chézzy Gam3r says:

can I join the server?

Generic Villager says:

please show how to get already tamed adult horses into boats I need it for my survival world

CuteThug PugLife says:

The animales doesnt want to go with me

cuz they say im ugly

The Minecraft Player says:

Thx OMGChad i built it at my amusement park

unnamed says:

I like how you made a mistake in the title but then you corrected it.
"How to Make an Ride On Animal Carousel in Minecraft"

RedFalcon 111 says:

OMG AN goes before words that start with vowels… Vowels = A E I O U

"How to Make AN Ride On Animal Carousel in Minecraft"

AN goes before Ride… Ride starts with "R" Vowels = A E I O U… R isn't a vowel

it should be "How to Make a(not an) Ride On Animal Carousel in Minecraft"
JK just a typo lol might wanna fix that tho

Alanna Butler says:

Hey omgChad thanks for the tips

Wonderland_War Gaming says:

Good vid omgcraft!!

Mikail Fauzan Athallah says:

what is the ip for your suscriber server?

Angie lalala says:

The white horses are called greys and the spotted horses are called appaloosas.

Regina Rose says:


cookie girl says:

can you make a vid about how to use commands? xD I know about alot but I need to know more!

Achilleas gaming chanel says:

hi I love ur vids

DiamondGame says:

What is your server IP

arnold guevara mtz. says:

can you make a mod that has dr. strange in it with his powers and his things

Sulky Playz says:

but i want to know something can u give me the information of ur server iam a new subscriber of u okay so please tell me

Jonah plays says:

can you add add a web cam / face cam

Sulky Playz says:

u are so good

Jennifer Avery says:

I know where Chad got the cubes that are next to him 😀 He got them at Minefaire! Woo! I got a pumpkin and a wolfie xD

Melon Muncha says:

764th view!

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