How to Make a Trash Can in Minecraft

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A practical and easy-to-make trash can so you can get rid of all of those extra items. Using redstone, this build will delete your old junk. Just fill it up, flip a lever and watch your items disappear.

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Lucy Burnside says:

It should be a named chest with shoulder boxes named trash bag in it holding the items just if you want it to be realistic.

Jacob Portillomendoza says:

OMGcraft how to make a decay potion in minecraft pe plzzzzzzzzzzzz do this


please tell us how to turn a LAN world to a Minecraft server 🙂

LF says:

this channel is dying tbh

HeavyFatGaming96 says:

To Find Your Trash Can.. Find Your Enemy…

Thecheezebanana says:

can you try and find out how to fix dynamic fov glitch cause everytime i run the animation waorks then after a few seconds the animation stops pls help

AutMax - AutCraft Gaming and More! says:

Why are you teaching the easiest stuff??

Fifi Da Fox DJ says:

Simple trash can : place sand in house floor, not in corner, place cactus on sand, place paintings on sides, put trapdoor on top, done. Throw your stuff in. Done

kamekodillard says:

I was 667 like

Nastassja Riemermann says:

I've been needing to make a trash can in my world since my lava pit was burning my vine ladder. Thanks for this. 🙂

Daniel27D says:

… thats the slowest clock on earth…

Leonidas VI says:

Your enthusiasm has fallen since a year ago I remember watching you videos and you were really into it and now it just looks like you are tired of it.

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Scrambled Eggs says:

So every time I need to trash something in in skywars should I make one of these?

VincentG2008 says:

Just use a cactus

Koalabamsam says:

How to make a trash can easily. throw your trash on a cactus. Done. You don't even need a Shulker box to send it there.

Annetastic ! says:

Thanks Chad. Now I can get rid of the 3 deep "trash can" hole I built in my base and replace it with something snazzy.

grandhelper sucker_punch says:

He changed quite alot BUT THAT HAIR IS LIKE 2013

Hacker HACKERBOSS says:

😘 love you

dapperguy says:

FedEX has a better design

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