How to Make an Instant Exploding Chest in Minecraft

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In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad shows off how to make a prank that’s explosive with no fuse time.

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Blaze Gaming - Minecraft LetsPlay says:

Could you show us how to get barrier blocks on the xbox 360?

HansAQS says:

Guys if u have a realm, pls invite me 🙂 my In Game Name is ItzHansAQS


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Ammar Özkan says:

hi, can you but video about the must useful books in minecraft, and thanks

Max games Minecraft and more says:

OMGCraft you are a Minecraft SuperPro

but please tell me how to get free Minecraft account please do not do McLeaks

The Epic's says:

Is the cringe real or not?
comment "Cringe = real" if it is real
if not "cringe = negative"

Ez Awesomeness says:

This channel is dead. 619K subscribers with 6k views only. rip rip

DJ Playz14 says:

omgchad can teach me how to transport pc texture pack into the pocket edition pls by DJ

liudax lt says:

make video how beat hacks

Rodjh Alcantara says:

we pranked my cousin when we make an exploding chest we put an trapped chest under it we put the TNT first before the item lol

A Bharti Ceojp says:

how to do in Minecraft pocket edition

dvdphn says:

Hey Chad! The studio audio sounds a bit off for this vid. Tolerable, but makes you sound a little wonky. 🙁

cecilia c says:

Chad make the exploding tree trap plz

aphmua fan 1234 says:

how do u get mods

HDWK G says:

i want that chicken in the back ground

tigerbalm ks says:

2:41 did he say "mayHAM"? also who else thinks chad has nice boobs?

Princess09 says:

84th comment xD

Archera Nimator says:

I Love The tutorial, i can prank my brother again

Jamie Lynne says:

I have Pocket Edition, and it doesn't work… 🙁

dransnake says:

this would be perfect for a doom castle

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