How To Make And Host A Minecraft Server For Free On Mac – (Without uTorrent or Hamachi)

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This tutorial is on how to get and host a Minecraft server on Mac completely free without using uTorrent or Hamachi! I’ve been searching for a way to get my own server for years and I’ve finally found one that works! I hope this works for you too! Comment down below if you want me to make a video on how to add a server name, server picture, and specific map or world to your server!
Links you will need:
What’s the difference between the Local IP and Internet IP?

Local IP = Give this IP address to your multiplayer friends that ARE using the SAME wifi as you
(Your Local IP is your IPv4 Address : Desired Port)

Internet IP = Give this IP address to your multiplayer friends that are NOT using the same wifi as you (Your Internet IP is the huge number in bold : Public Port)
Any questions, comments, or concerns? Please email, comment below, OR go to
Want any tutorials? Recommend them to me and I’ll try my best to make a video for it! 😀
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PandaVurse Vlog says:

It says "The Java JAR file minecraft_server 1.12.2 could not be launched. HELP

Abdallah Maach says:

Believe my words: you can't believe how much this helped me!
thx alot.

MaxMcBones says:

pc but its on a mac… dumbass

RainyPlayzMC lin says:

Best guy ever!Heart

The Suicidal Channel XD says:

What’s this bitch talking about

EPG_YT says:

What's my public port that I give me friend that aren't on my wifi plz help😓

Tosic says:

Video was put together terribly, you claim disabling your Firewall will prevent DDoS attacks, and you seem like you have no knowledge about computers or networking.
You also don't need to blur out your iPv4 address as it is made public and nothing from there will get anyone in there.

Muds/Meniac says:

so im at the last part which is to run up the server to be able to join it though when i open the server launcher jar thing it just crashes. soz

Mavarx ArtStudio says:

onmgggg never mind its working u deserve more subs <3

Mavarx ArtStudio says:

i have a red dot and you have a green dot what do i need to do pls reply
pormap (unmapped)

Sheep Gaming says:

i hope this works on pc

Luna1980 says:


暗影 god says:

Why my is not work

Śtárbúćkś Løver says:

Hello Girly Tech Studios! Could you please make a video on how to download Minecraft on a Mac for free (if it's possible) because all the other ones are fake and scams but your other tutorials aren't so i trust you 😀

Skyler Spars says:

can you make a tutorial of how you edit

Lorraine Becker says:

Thank you, this actually worked, it was clear and helpful than most other videos:)

Itz_KorraThe Immortal says:

How can I get op??

MarcyPlayz says:

2:302:36 Agreed

The Doctor says:

it says it cannot resolve host name

Ben Groves Media says:

also when i put in 25565 mine is a red dot and yours is a green why??

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