How to Make Good Roads!! Minecraft City Building Tips

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Want to know how to make good roads? Watch this video to find out how i make mine. What should I name my new city? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Oli Toxiic says:

Great vid! Also in Australia the cars are o the opposite side of the road.

Playingwithapencil 45 says:

Cruise city

camo Kid says:

Safety boost you should make some commercial building tutorials grocery stores restaurants and an airport that's just a the ideas and I think it would really help me in the small town called spruce lake in building

camo Kid says:

You should name it syracuse

TeamEclipse says:

I would love to see a hotel made with a pool and so on

Malakai 0815 says:

Safety city

Mr TeTe says:

You have minecraft Pé on iPad?

Mine It Out says:

Thanks! This really helped! The main thing I learned was to make roads highways parking lots ect. different colors!

TronicMC 2015 says:

Also, go take a look at my channel, I have a few designs that you might like.

TronicMC 2015 says:

How about "MineField".

SNIPER2824536 says:

Name it city92

Safety Boost says:

Hey guys! What should I name this new city? Leave your comments down below and I'll pick one of them! Good luck.

Zeke Lesher says:

First comment


wht world do u use

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