How to Make Laptop in Minecraft – No Cheats – + Announcement !

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Hey Buddies Sensei Grey back here to make a Laptop to add to your modern base !

Items you need :
Block of your choice

Announcement :
Can we make it to 100 subscribers today ! I mean 100 active subscribers to support me !
We will be making a custom URL and you’re allowed to suggest what to name it !

Also I haven’t chose the winner of next week’s shoutout that is starting this week (Tuesday for Asians and Monday for Americans)
So I came up with this idea.
Follow and subscribe me and tell me why you want a shoutout (must do both accounts).

Also what do you want me to build to complete your missing piece in your world ! I f you will be uploading it with my build,credit me !

Ask me or request me anything :
Email :
Twitter: @SurvivePlay

Can we get 5 handy likes ?
Sure we can !
#CPSfor100subs !

I’m thankful my actives and earlies who supported me from the beginning until now !
I also accept feedbacks ! (Even in your native language) and I will respond using Translate !

Bye Buddies want some Chuckie ?


Craft,Play and Survive ! says:

Please like the video if you want a shout-out,if we get 10 likes in every video I will announce the winner !

Btw I forgot to write
You can Send me Fanarts and will be featured !
I love if you will send one !
I will be strict a bit on the comment section since I will declare this a Family Friendly Channel ! Sorry !
(Do you want to see porn contents ? No !)

Early,Hater,Buddy,Spammer Squad where you at ?!


Sub me I sub you back 👍

Martindiger Roblox says:

congratulations! you got a shout-out from my channel on this cool trick and video! 🙂

Martindiger Roblox says:

can i have a shoutout thanks i love the trick by the way!!

you earned 1 subscriber

Craft,Play and Survive ! says:

The winner is Owen360/Afiq TRSM ! Reply 24/7 to be the winner ! For the people who didn't make it… Sorry I maybe choose you soon… Have a good day/night !
Basically 2 week winners…. next will be on May.

Avizle says:

hey bro! nice to see your channel is doing great! it only has been a week! 🙂 this is my new yt acc btw! I restarted.. so if you could shoutout me it would be great! I would really love a shoutout!! Thanks A lot friend! <3 🙂

Afiq PX says:

Hi sensei, It's me, AfiqTRSM. This my other acc. I will sub you to make it 100 subscriber

Tj Skull says:

nice laptop

Owen360 - Gaming & Animations says:

Where's the announcement????

Owen360 - Gaming & Animations says:

do I already have a spot 4 the shoutout??…. nice vid btw

GamerDunia MCPE says:

I thought it just another youtuber to do a first comment, but its just u. I can write a whole paragraph 😜😂😂

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