How to make the PERFECT Minecraft server! (Tips) | Ep 1

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A mini-series aimed from beginners to experts about how to make the most perfect server possible!

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RokkoChan says:

Im speak spanish, and wish Learn how do the best network, you can help?

p.D: im not use transIate

yeet o says:

Hey Numero! Can you help me with the plugin AntiVoid? When I try and give my normal players the permissions to go back to spawn when they fall into the void, they just keep falling and die. It's not fall damage, I already world guarded the region, but when they fall into the void, they die, unlike me, an OP.

Viral Videos says:

2:07 "*Not almost all the time*" – that definitely makes sense.

KessThetrainer says:

Love the intro and i'm glad that you are making server tips since my server is not doing to good for the past year. Keep it up!

Camis says:

Would love this! Perfect idea & concept keep it up!

UltimateSteveHD A.K.A REZ says:

How to make the perfect MINECRAFT Server.

Thats not possible because of the hackers in the pvp community for any pvp servers.

Potential rouge staff you may hire that could destory your server for if your not careful.

Then its the lack of original ideas there is for servers now adays.

And also paying the costs for the server hosting,developers,Builders,Adertising , and even more stuff that I didn't even explain.

So good luck with creating …
"The Perfect Mimecraft Server"

Plus no offence to you Uno but I haven't seen you released a "successful" server before so I can't see how you could have any idea what a "Perfect Minecraft Server would Look like"

But I still enjoy your plugin review videos tho its just I hate see these kinda videos Its clickbait and doesnt help anyone in the slightest.

Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors in what I said.

NatBen04 Gaming // Minecraft & More!! says:

i downloaded the server and opened it with Java but it is so slow and does not work when i use local host for the IP when i try to logon to it.

Catman Muffin says:

Another great tip is to use professional builds and take your time! whether or not you build or download your builds, making sure that players join and are greeted with quality is a high priority task.

Snuffle bröd says:

Part 2 pls 🙂

CreepersGamingMc says:

You know who's awesome?

look at the first word:)

Jchap 05 says:

hey numero will you please be dev on my server I just need a little help I've been watching for at least a year now!?!

Narukoopa says:

You couldn't have uploaded this at a better time. I've been subscribed to you for a while now. Each time I would have a server, I would watch your tutorials on plugins for guidance. I recently started a new server, after a year break, and I intend on getting it done this time. Please continue this series, It's very helpful. Stay awesome!

DecrepitRain060 says:

Please do a mix of pocket edition because there's very little videos now for the new versions

Illegal says:

Numero are you still making your server? if so please provide me with an email to contact you with.

Pr0 X Giltz says:

Luv the new series do some more but wish u would show us some stuff like edit some stuff in.Plz

RGames says:

Right, you can be original whit out make you own plugins. You can make survival but do it whit you own twist. One tip from me, be a good nice owner and fix good motivated staff.

AMMAR mc says:

if someone have faction servers
I can add to my hub we can work on it together
im 100% with making script

LF Ferreira says:

You can suggest a pixelmon server with sponge plugins

LF Ferreira says:

We need this serie bro! You have my support 😉

super dogs says:

Rain drop pug shop numero is on sub top!

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