How to Minecraft – Best Server on the House Farm! (Season 2, Episode 7)

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Danny Ortiz says:

You should make an underwater lair with glass as walls. Store all your valuables. Secret entrances. Make one of the entrances from your base, like a tunnel.

Roblox User says:

+SideArms4Reason  +speedyw03 +Vikkstar123HD – Minecraft  Hi guys! Hi vikk!! I see that you guys lost to Vikkstar123 so he wanted a favor. He wanted you to "Raid" Nade. So I found the Co-Ords!

I watched PeteZahHutt's video and got the co-ords 😉

Block: 984 99 -184
ChunkL 8 3 8 in 61 6 -12 
Biome: Extreme Hills

dominick clark says:

Vikk had the island thing last season and so did Jerome

Jonah Neri says:

they should have a lighting mcmmo thing where the more torches you put the better the torches and glowstone are

A Mendo says:

everyones builds their home in a mountain which is to easy to do

hector caceres says:

/warp shop

tanner m says:

Nades house lol

Rafael Martinez says:

Do a under water tunnel to the island

Keikan_ says:

use the super break with silk touch to duplicate the ore, then use the fortune pickaxe the get more diamonds per ore block

Max Dockstader says:

Side nooch has a base u can see wat better

Alexyss Mooney says:

Sidearms ???i love u so mucchhh!!!!! ??❤️?? u is baee !! ❤️

lochlan james says:

<3 your the best SideArms

Wayne King says:

good episode side loved watching you place a bunch of dirt /s

Jozeya! says:

holy shit sidearms almost at 1M! Can't wait!!

Shadow Surge says:

we should build a diameter he says…. as he is building one… that moment when mistake turns into irony.

Stephanie Bull says:

You need to superbreak using a silk touch. Then use a fortune pick axe to mine the silk touch diamond, you get better drops

Hussain Almazam says:

I saw vikks perspective it spoiled everything sorry sidearms

IDKanymoreman says:

have a room underwater with glass walls and a pool of water in the middle open to the ocean

Griffin Alspaugh says:

What you can do is you can regularly take a silk touch Pickaxe and mine a Ore Block and then use a Fortune Pickaxe and mine the Ore block to get up to 4 ingots with Fortune , Or you can take the silk touch Pickaxe and use SuperBreaker and try to get double drops on the ore blocks then use the fortune Pickaxe to try and get 1,2,3,or 4 ingots on the ore block

Amy Eiland says:

you should make the island look like a star it is easier to build the tower

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