How To Minecraft @TheNoochM

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This server just gets better and better.
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Kvasa says:

@nooch do you always burp in every video?

Quintin Heckman says:

Nice Video! It deserves more attention – check out: U 2 B Z O N E .C O M – It will help you 🙂

Joe Garbutt says:

Great quality definitely not boring content!

DJ Barber says:

I tamed a horse in my first smp server and it just so happened to be able to jump 5 blocks speed was bad but still

Geetadevi p says:

Put telepathy on pick so they go to inventory directly

Joseph O says:

What happened at the start

Abdul says:

U dont always get doubles

Hendrik Hoekstra says:

Stream starts at 1:50

Garapham says:

I think modded minecraft is sooooo much more interesting, only reason i can watch this series/server is because of the dungeons and custom enchants. If you set up How To Modpack it'd be great. It's a shame some youtubers don't like the mods, e.g Speedy (because they're confusing when there's so many new ones)

Karma Suetra says:

Vikks pick is in ender chest!

Max Bruce says:

Hey nooch if you have auto smelt III (the maximum) and fortune III then it automatically goes into your inventory and using the same glitch as telepathy it gives you 6 ingots 🙂 Hope you read this and hope it helps 🙂

kayden glines says:

Stoked to see you posting again man.

El Hermano says:

Please do a ftb series!

Cisco Feijao says:

Vikks pic is in his ender chest

Cisco Feijao says:

Vikk made a pig man farm it does not work he said.

DRskayker says:

I saw Nooch in Benjas vid and it gave me some nice ASF vibes

Corey Berther says:

3:52 is when the echo stops and 1:57 when the episodes starts

Jake Mcglinchey says:

Like if nooch is underrated

TheTrueZafer says:

Like for admins to give nooch a sharpness 7 pickaxe

Booqueefius 69 says:

Mat that mod pack idea seems SOOOOOO cool get the pack on a server and MAKE IT HAPPEN

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