How To Play Minecraft For Newbies

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Description: Minecraft 101 for all of you that don’t know what minecraft is. Or if want to learn how to play, Then this is the video for you!

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J Fang says:

I like minecraft

NinjaBrothers says:

Nice video! Thanks for the tips!
Live this game 🙂
Look what I did!

JaSyre Gaines says:

You teached my dad about minecraft 👦🏿

marcel-nine-one-one says:

That was useful. Thank you.

Tony King says:

Brilliant Tutorial, I was always curious about Minecraft, thinking "What is all this fuss about?". Now I can see why, looks rather addictive. I might install it and give it a go but I've a feeling I'd start to lose a lot of real life time! 😉

Galaxy Unicorn says:

I already know how to play Minecraft but I wanted to watch this for fun

Chris Srivastava says:

this is really good to learn computer technology.

UltimatumMitch Agyapong says:

This helped me in my speech a lot! (btw i'm a 4th grader)

Sinate Maraiwai says:


max vergus says:

4:23 thank me later

LYRIK says:

i know how to make stone

Rooner says:

oao thank you
best video
go kill yourself

Adekemi Adepoju says:

Thanks this really helped;:-D ☺

i love itsFunneh says:

How do i need to change me name

saya natasya says:

How to Play Eggwars pls

DJ Jadi says:

this gay ass dude has girl friend wow

A Princess says:

I'm new to play minecraft

Pika LPSGaming says:

Guys it’s just plain mean when you call someone a noob they probably just don’t know things

JoAnn Hempen says:

That was a really good tutorial!!
Loved and Subbed!!

Typical Gamerjr34 says:

Not cool man

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