How To Play Minecraft with your Friends! 1.8 1.7.5 1.7.10 Any Version – Server Tutorial

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Tiffany Nguyen says:

I’ve spent a few days trying to figure out how to connect with a friend of
mine… why doesn’t anything work for me

Weird and Unusual says:

Thanks for making a quality video without all the cursing. People know kids
visit these channels for Minecraft stuff and as a parent, I abhor those who
do not respect that fact, or my child. 

David Glassie says:

Holy shit, i’ve watched so much videos, spent countless of hours trying to
find a video, all of the methods of which have not worked, BUT are good
videos, i’m so glad i’ve came across this one video, it helped me alot man,
thanks so much, you’ve just earned a subscriber!

Shiro Hibana says:

OMFG WAIT so, +JonOfAllGames / +anybody when you use Hamachi or Evolv3,
it’s a Virtual LAN, so does that mean I can start a Single Player world and
Open it to LAN, and they can connect from that?

and then 1: is it laggy for them?
and, 2: is it even laggier using Forge? .-.

it would be so much easier than continuing my laggy server

Gaston Placide says:

wat about if im on a tablet and my friends on pc how can I connect

Aaron Morgan says:

when me and my friend try and play minecraft together, we go to the same
server same lobby and everything but the other is never actually there.
please help

LegendxZekGFX says:

you sound like MinecraftUniverse

Izzy Aranbayev says:

can you invit me to one of your game on mincraft my name is jonathan2444
please i beg you i am new with mincraft please 

X gaming Team says:

really helped me to connect with my friends
i was searching it whole year to find out how to connect with my friends in

Christina Pop says:

how do we disable windows firewall?

Jovik Gaming Cool Blue Enderman says:

Im not a premium person,all my world has no time to stop,I’m using
Minecraft 1.6.4

Mootman Pants says:

stop gabbling on you idiot

Harry PvP says:


TeamOfCampers says:

that site telling me to buy ip forward….

Ferdi Tayfur Solak says:

unlike some people your voice is not annoying 🙂 so i subscribe 

Jazmine Magdaleno says:

Subscribe to me click on my name

poke plex says:

can you use evolve to play minecraft

Arina Nop says:

i cant join a server

TMNinja says:

Join My Minecraft Server Please I need Builder to Make A big project im
going to build an old age Town – world ip: no hamachi
everyone gets op ,only 5 people can join!

Zuzanna Bernatek says:

Thanks for this vid

X gaming Team says:

i will sub to you you sub to me

Lava Gamers says:

I dont have a router :(

Nick Hong says:

you suck

Julia Davis says:

Omfg I love you so so so much. All the other videos I watch don’t work but
this did.

павел макаренко says:

здесь есть русский?

Oh Mercy says:

Scam doesn’t work!

Aina GN says:


pumpkin party says:

You don’t rock

xXAdam GamingXx says:

when my friend tries to join it says host is offline

TheGaming video boy says:

Thank you so much! :D

CypressWolf says:

the network i made ddi not work even for me what should i do?

Rythitation says:

What do you do once you tell them the IP

Maddie B. says:

What do I do I can join the server, but my friend can’t blah blah blah I
don’t know what to do at all cause j use hamachi please help as soon as
possible she can’t join and we really wanna play together and yes she has
hamachi too and all that stuff but it still doesn’t work what do I do NEED

lewis shah says:


creepywiard says:

cool video dude!

million killer touati says:

I cant its really really hard ??

Kyle Mowles says:

thanks so much

Rayyaan smartz says:

how could I visit any one else ?


Wait I have to leave my computer on 24/7?

Bitalina Alvarez says:

plz can i know the ip i won’t do bad stuff PLEESE

Emma Smith says:

doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make a video
that actualy shows us how to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 0/10

sean fox says:

Okay, I got the server up and can join using my ipv4 address. Then i give
my freind the ip i get from google and he cant join. Please help, i have
been trying for days.

jowys says:

Couldn’t you just play LAN over Hamachi?

Nan James says:

i have 1.7.10 version of minecraft and i have no clue how me and my friend
could play together on 2 different computer but in the same house and same



Displeased Kristen says:

do i have to own a server to get your friends on? i just want my friends to
play on my world with me

John Barkdull says:

well now its another problome

InkJuse says:

Soo… what exactly is the process? What does the host click on or do? What
does the person connecting to you do or type in? Is this only for people
who have servers or is this peer to peer? This is very confusing to follow.

steven trang says:

i cant connect to my own server pls help

X gaming Team says:


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