How To Put Your Minecraft Server ONLINE [NO HAMACHI OR PORT FORWARDING] 1.10

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cd /Applications/
./ngrok tcp port (default 25565)

Hey guys! This is a 100% legit and safe way to put your locally hosted Minecraft server online so your friends can join without port forwarding or using hamachi. This works for any operating system and is easy to use. 🙂 Enjoy!

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Atc_Agario says:

Thankyou bro now my friends can join!!!!!

SlimePlayzYT says:

It says cannot find the path specified, (Windows 10)

woofydude –Agario Animal Jam And More says:

it says it cant no diritery is .ngroak can u help

RufflesPlaysMC says:


1stParo ツ says:

HOW U GO IN A NEW conole

Suhafrukts says:

OMg, i cant, becouse i dont under stand WTF

PlussuYT911 axr says:

;D thanks dude.

NLspeedymouse games says:

is this one BungeeCord compartible?

Sterling Birks says:

i ran ngrok on virustotal and one antivirus found a virus idk if this is safe

Sterling Birks says:

1:07 wtf

Shqiptar123 MC says:

IDK how to go intro new window

Pisoiasu Joaca says:

port forwarding it's more eazy and everyone can join your server when its ON

Pisoiasu Joaca says:

how do I go intr-o a new terminal window?

DumpYourself Player Reports says:

is this safe?

RawrItzBellatrix says:

I might try this ?

Mentoz02 says:

Man ur da best <3 <3

RadBearSalad says:

For some reason my server Kees crashing

Muhammed EL Marghany says:

I am 32 bit can i download it?

Cyber V says:

Can u show us how to actually get a server pls ? ?

ShowMyEarthquakeHD says:

like and sucscribe

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