How to Set Up a Hardcore World with Cheats – Minecraft Tips

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In this video, I answer a question I’ve been getting very often:

How do you set up a Hardcore World with Cheats?


New concept/idea in two days!


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Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks, developed by Mojang. That is all.

Outro music: Jason Farnham – Opening Night


Jon Leo says:

Thank you so much! This help me a lot (sorry for my bad english). THANKS GUY

Mine Dabber says:

how to get it on a normal world?

Arwid Lundèn says:

Now I know how to make a world where it acully says 'Adventure Mode'

David Wong says:

Like dis comment for the server IP that Phoenix owns 😀

Nicholas Galaxy says:

Why that hard why dont press the esc Button and press open to lan and put creative mode and chat enable LOL

Flash ee says:

Great video man!

The Keystone says:

Contact me on Skype – anddrewwiles – for more info on cheap and professional-looking logos, channel art, and graphics in general. We can discuss the price, see you there!

Bob the Frog says:

Is there a way to recover your world if you died in hardcore mode?

SearchingMyFxcks says:

Hey phoenix im goung to start and make a toutube channel i play minecraft for 5 years and im not good at meelee pvp but i am OP with bows maybe add me on skype and maybe we can record thogether once if your interested be sure to send me a mail : i hope to see a mail from you popping up, keep it up
Me 😉

shaggy2922 says:

Phoenix I thought you were on a mac? In the video you are on windows

Jakub Maloštík says:

Oh i tryed this before but i was in creative mode THX! 😀

LilBlade Steezy Freezy says:

I Unblurred them worlds. I know all your projects now.. MWEHEHEHE

AidadsFTW says:

Never knew how to do that, also I see what you did there blurring any hints to what it might be out. Also I have a Mac so is this thing for windows (aka exe file or stuff like that)?

shaun_tera says:

Hey Phoenix, Nice vid

Tocinos says:

Just click Open to lan and click cheats on Survival/Creative

Shroomy says:

Dear Phoenix's viewers, I know something you don't knoooow 😉

Phoenix SC says:

Just a question I've been getting a lot recently. Here's the solution!

Ultimate Phoenix Boss coming out very very soon!

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