HOW TO SETUP A FREE 24/7 MINECRAFT SERVER WITH MCSS!! [2017] [1.7/1.8/1.9/1.11/1.12] [LavaRushHD]

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NEW Minecraft Video: HOW TO SETUP A FREE 24/7 MINECRAFT SERVER WITH MCSS!! [2017] [1.7/1.8/1.9/1.11/1.12] [LavaRushHD]. Today I teach you how to get a FREE Minecraft server! Enjoy! Oh, and stay in school!




TheDragon says:

Hey, man, can you get me that zip of this version I open it and say that the path was not specified

A M G says:

what is your PC ram ?

gamer Caleb says:

i think i have a virus i blame you


not for mac :{

Hunter and Henry playz says:

how do i op mysewlf?

Janky Joshua says:

It worked but I could see your IP

GamersCrafter says:

this server always on?

Vedant Shetty says:

i am your 100 subscriber
i need your help afterwards can u help me
JUST reply this comment

10hMusic ask me if you want any music to be 10h says:

3:00 i can see your ip for 30milliseconds xD

Krizz - Roblox & More! says:

do you need to port forward?

Maexle 023 says:

can you make tutorial how to make network server

Redblack 99456 says:

Thanks It Works 😀

Dark_PIllar123 says:

there is no 1.7.10

Roggydawg says:

Pls help me my server wont start. It says in my console:
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for 1536000KB object heap

man last says:

I got the finger?

Joel Kun says:

Do you need to portwared

DuudeHD says:

my friends cant join pls help

Thersa Cowart says:

how do you add plugins, I don't understand that

Pvp & Ant says:

Doesnt work cant have my friends join

AlphaXV says:

I can't join it it said it was online and it wont pop up

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