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I saw and found green steve on my minecraft server at night during the rain! This green steve is 100% real, just as real as Herobrine, and he will bring horror to your minecraft server! Watch as he vanishes in front of your eyes and makes a player cry!

Minecraft Trolling Season 1 Playlist: https://goo.gl/AkrXSS
Minecraft Trolling Season 2 Playlist: https://goo.gl/SSc2T1
Minecraft Trolling Season 3 Playlist: https://goo.gl/zjYJKX

This troll video is another random bonus episode that is not part of my normal minecraft seasons! If you liked this video make sure to drop a like and subscribe!

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▸ Music Used ♫ “Kevin MacLeod – http://www.incompetech.com”

As always, leave comments below with suggestions and things you’d like to see in future video!


Fishtea YT says:

Srsly I almost pee, I was playing in the middle of the night and this thing appear.. Nice one tho, I am ashamed yet laughing while watching this..

TheGamingMaster says:

Do an entity 404 troll

Frederick Blitz says:

whyd yo punch meh with a ghast tear on smp2 );

Deserted GreatMMOS says:

I laughed so much during this 🤣🤣

Em0angel21 says:

I am assuming the Green Steve is like another Herobrine… So, what is his story?

GamingwithFurbyfan says:

RGA you can use /nick if you have it so when you kill someone it will say the nickname you have set

boulder blast says:


RubiksBoy12PH says:

Do a part2, with herobrine and entity303. Doni as herobrine, and you(rga) as entity303. If there is three of you! Doni as herobrine, you(rga) as entity303, and someone else as green steve again!

Cullen Latham says:

Where is green steve's mortal enemy, red alex? I want to see green Steve again, and having an encounter with red Alex (doni, maybe). One is a troll, one a griefer, maybe?

Liz Rae says:

you should turn players into green steve

john boy says:

OMG I LOVE THIS another green Steve!

The League of Fishers -Phoenix -Leviathan -Fisher says:

XD green Steve is the new HeroBrine. XD

Ssniper Shadow says:

Do one on strm pla

Tenth Divine says:

Should make this concept a plugin! I'd love to have that lol

vXxSLASHERxXv says:

Make a RAINBOW STEVE! That would scare everyone to death

Fruit Loop says:

This is my favorite video of yours!!!

Devil Dawg Nation says:

whos green steve

Senpai Ex says:

Be like herobrine next XD

ThatRandom Player says:

Green Steve? What the hell is that?

Apostolos Verg says:

more videos like this but with more players if its possible please

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