If Minecraft would be like Clash Royale ! ( Minecraft Animation )

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while playing some clash royale, i got the idea to make a little animation about how it would be, if minecraft would be like Clash Royale ! I hope you like it !


christian el chriz Y.V says:

10/10 men

juegos de andrés says:

que buen video

Vedant Shangari says:

I love ur outro in this video and the rust one

Ofelia Gomez says:

its the new clash game

juanGamer_YT says:

like for awesome outro

Shaira Mae Abellana says:

I'm arena 9

Richard Zhong says:

thazt epic

Rob Green says:

That. Was. Good

Gaming Planet says:

That would be so cool

Dr.J Gaming says:

there is already craft royale

david gamer says:

i some beautiful movie


I like it :)

Mister Mumbly says:

This is actually well made.

AbnormalInfant says:

I mean, he should've lost easily. First, he defended four skeletons with Barbarians. Then, he sent a Giant out alone, without any backup. He didn't pack Musketeers or Archers, so the Baby Dragon dealt some heavy damage before getting shot down by Fire Spirits, and he doesn't block the Hog Riders or Princes before they get across the river.

Clash Royale logic-wise, you didn't even try. But the video was great. Keep up the good work :D

Terence Faurillo says:

i am in speel vely

KhangGaming Tesoro says:


piloto gaming says:


Daniel Sánchez says:

Hola encantos que tal todo bien .

Ethan Douglass says:

I luv the hog rider

Max Johargy says:

The barbs can defeat the prince

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