IMPOSSIBLE REMIX – Minecraft Theme Song – Piano Cover – Trap Remix

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My version of the theme to Minecraft , made using Logic Pro X & Omnisphere.
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CrazyMusicHeart Music says:

this is so relaxing

shooter 8572 says:

I am some how enjoying this song so much yet so confused trying to understand it

Rog16 Fresh says:


Jae's Summer Stuff says:

Dope really dope

Dylan Freeman says:

please do Aria Math from the minecraft soundtrack

Austin Willey says:

man, this almost has me in tears

fantage diamonds says:

I was here before you did gospel of dismay

Samuel 124 says:

Que bonito suena

Катя Макар says:

как круто, раньше меня раздражала музыка из Майнкрафта и я её выключала всегда, а с этой бы я даже играла, продолжай в том же духе
p.s. так как ты не русская , не думаю что ты это прочитаешь

CellBreak says:

It's called wet hands my Sir.

Crazy Vanilla says:

nostalgic feeling…

XXMLN says:

whats the program called?

SHO2 says:

can i get 800 subs in one day?

Ricardo Cezemer Cezemer says:


ggtr krk says:


Théo Chiper H9 says:


Joshua Newhouse says:

1 and pls help me get 100 subs pls

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