INVISIBLE WALL TROLL! (Minecraft Server Trolling)

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Welcome back to another episode of Minecraft Server Trolling! Today I troll some players by making them parkour all the way up to a platform, then on the last jump they run into an INVISIBLE WALL TROLL, falling to their DEATH!

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Title: MYRNE – Confessions (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
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ClashNyte Gaming says:

U have OP? This you server

Zquirrel8894 says:

Vans Off The Walls

ender cross says:

Let the trolls BEGIN

TheRedstoneDiamond || TRD says:

OMG Grappleapplesauce is a hacker (EXPOSED)

SochPlayz Reactz says:

I 💜 🍇🍎Sauce

SochPlayz Reactz says:

I love you grape You are one of the positive youtubers 😀 😁😁😁

George Kleanthous says:

Lmao look at the person with no head at 1:1+

Pria Joseph says:

Do parkour series or server!!!! ilysm!!!!!

Keiththeprogamer TheDabGod says:

Great vid I'm your biggest fan dude

Snow Game says:

use hack on your own server! use new accpunt

RedLex says:

Am sorry Grape but I need to say something.First :I am so sorry for my bad English..Second:Well you see it is all started one day when I play some Arcadian MC Crystal Wars.I was played with 3 other guys hows all hacking.They was starting to fly to my base and they tamed to kill me.They killed me like 20 times then they destroy my cryistal and kill me again.Then they all just LEAVE server…..

I am so sorry but I think I hate you server little bit after this…

I hope you understand my story……..😿😭😿😿😿

Noodle says:

Arcadian is Your server?

Vince Montano says:


Vince Montano says:

1:10 the due dont have a head

Danica Estrada says:

😹😹Thats nice

ItzIvan_ Playz says:

Srw is premium?

RandiCraft MCPE says:


dark yt says:

Can you make troll the everyone is stuck in bedrock and wait for one hour then you let them go you look in the chat and see what they say

Phantombaka 123 says:

Who ever reads this subscribe to me

EliasMC says:

Pls make some more videos on your server

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