Is Herobrine Haunting My Minecraft Server? (SERVER IN DESCRIPTION)

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One of my staffmembers found something strange on the server… Could it be Herobrine?
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Dark Corners says:

What do you think is happening on the server? Let me know on here & follow me on

Thatniceguy 5 says:

dark i have 2 more hours man

WolfPack 1821 says:

you know there are cave sounds, right?

FuriousXGamer says:

YASSS more Herobrine

Ej Tajale says:

Dark cornors where did you live i wanna live tp your house and play minecraft plssssssss

Golden Hair says:

Remember the moss stone can be boogy man

Tye Taipari-Grennell says:

Inventory how did those items get there like arrows and all that

Jack Gately says:

He had restone tourches in his inventory

E.G. - Extreme gaming Station says:

Pls made a pocket edition server plz

Dark Drop says:

8:37 He got 10 iron out of nowhere!

Xx null xX says:

I have something to say to y'all and it's very IMPORTANT. 2 days ago, me, 303, Brian, and null and 303s friend were just walking and talking. Than this weird person approaches us. He demanded money, and 303s friend (James) refused. So than the guy takes out a knife. It all happened so fast. It took a minute to realize that James got stabbed right in the heart. He wasn't dead, but we were all in so much shock. It was the first time I have ever seen 303 cry. James died about 3 minutes later. I looked up to see if I could find the guy, but I couldn't. About 20 minutes later the police and ambulance arrived. We described the guy. You've probably already heard about what happened on the news. And if you think I'm a big fat liar than go ahead. I just need to say one thing. WE ARE NOT THE BAD GUYS!!!!!!!! It's other people that have convinced you all. I'm very emotional right now, so I should get going. Bye

Mikeyminer128 says:

The moss stone cross is normal

Dawn Gabrila says:

It's photoshopped

Shawn trout says:

herobrine is coming…he is also coming beware the steve. thats made of green

jollypop X says:

god, turn your brightness on bright

CakePuffsGD says:

those spawn naturally u fuck XDDDD

Brenden Drozdowski says:

8:39 how did he get 10 smelted iron ingots

Ivisine says:

Dark, when i first joined the server i did /rtp and herobrine appeared and dissapeared ive also built a shrine and ive communicated with him as well as my friend saw him too please watch my stream to see more (uploaded and not live anymore)

Gio Rocha says:

How the hell can you hear someone flying by?!?!
Because we couldn't hear someone flying, so I think this is staged.


Ann Pauwelyn says:

Why do you have on a moment 13 arrows and meat in your inventory

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