Is my Minecraft Server Haunted? I WAS ATTACKED (Scary)

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This is the scariest thing I ever witnessed on my server. Do NOT Try this yourself if you get scared easily!
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Dark Corners says:

JOIN MY SERVER! – Have you encountered anything weird yet? Let me know on twitter @darkcornersyt

Jenifer Williams says:

OK I'll join????

Jenifer Williams says:



i saw herobrine

iSharkz says:

HAHHAHAHAHH So fake if you pay attention to 7:47 you can see particle affects, He avoids going that direction so the stream cant see the person so they will think its real lol

mimgames 360 says:

it was hese friends and the sounds was him

rice the amazing says:

yes i see everything u know we know u r faking i also can see the invisible persons particle effects nice try im not fucking dumb to believe your bullshit lies i can join a minecraft server like urs have a staff be invisable and play cds that make a place seem creepy and u said u saw smoke yet u were trying to hide the fact that they were invisibility potion particles. stop before someone else finds out

Michalina Kosyrz says:

nothing actually happened because when you know at the side with the writing then it said someone was kicked for hacking and later on when he got kicked it was probably an invisible person with the walking just we watch the video see that someone got kicked for hacking

Alexander Holmberg says:

well we all now music disk 11 was in dis video

LilFireKitty Gamer says:


MRBGaming13 says:

plz subscribe to me

The Gaming God says:

I think it was just a hacker messing with you

eartharies24492 says:

this is just to get people to join your server

Ray Gagnon says:

for a split seciond there was herobrine face.

WillThePotato MC says:

The abandoned structure you were talking about at 2:05 was going to be my house, but I stopped building there, and I shared land with another player. Everything else was theirs but that little room with the chest and sign in it. I was going to make a design on the floor and I found an opening to a cave, so I named it "random cave" and decided I would go mining in it later.

Thanks for reviewing my little room!

Hazy says:

That moment its a potion effect  Facepalm

Taco Luver53 says:

7:50 Invis particles

ninethreefiveoneonefive says:

I wanna die.

FNaFWorld_ wFoxy says:

sub to me and il sub to u

Cohen Bagley says:

This is fake because at the bottom left it's says"lava pops,footsteps"and that's a command for sounds

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