Is this Minecraft Server HAUNTED at 3:00 AM???

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Today we play on a Minecraft Server to see if the stories of creepy things happening are true or not. This is a sponsored series on the Skybounds Server in Minecraft. There is a possibility that we may run into Herobrine in Minecraft or even Entity 303 in Minecraft. We play on Skybounds at 3:00 AM (The Devil’s Hour) to amplify the effects.

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jr Ramirez says:

I was playing minecraft and I saw a cross its creepy:O

Pranav Nair says:

I will add anyone to my realms (30 day free trial. my gt is below

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Michelle gasper says:

I saw a gravestone

jovinTMD TheMegaDiamond says:

part two

jovinTMD TheMegaDiamond says:

rage your joining skybounds with benja banana? awesome

Daniel Johnson says:


Kyle_ 14 says:

i want more scary stuff on minecraft m8
i love you channel

Tristan knox says:

rage more Minecraft pc 3:00 am please put part 2 !

Nico Bamba says:

rage elixir pls do more minecraft pc, and play some hypixel server minigames better than mineolex

Vinh Nguyen says:


Zozo123 Wagoner says:


Robo__Dog__2 __ says:

rage you don't know what you are doing you need to stop before you parish mark my words or bad thing will happen

Nano//Iceberg says:

Not to be rude but your stupid when you were selling your stuff.

Mangle Fnaf says:

I don't have pc but I have pocket edition gingercat

CraftingDiamondz says:

At 12:59 I saw a loading screen

Michelle Taylor says:

my gamer tag is elfetus

Michelle Taylor says:

i want part 2

D Gonzo1128 says:


PonchiOFFICIAL says:

you hair isn't going worse and worse. ur getting hotter bro XD

Fun with PrincessMaddie4 says:

i saw some creepy hole under the bridge

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