“IS THIS POKEMON GO??” | Minecraft Pixelmon World SMP #22

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helin ersöz says:

Gen 3 is not bad please stop calling Gen 3 bad

Aryan Singh says:

Your battle freeze when you dragonite dies (try it) love your vids (:

Nikola _510 says:

Gen 3 does not suck it has slamance, metagross ludicolo…

Paolo Miguel Alpay says:

hOW. dARE. You. Say. That. To. Gen. 3.

IWillKirurgYou says:

Do more Long vids like this!!!!!

Kean says:

Can you get a umbreon or an Espeon?

Terry Lively says:

Groundon.. is fairly easy if u at the right area

Veronika Beckman says:

You should try to play on the server pokefind!

Kynndey Yates says:

I thought wooper was a mew!

Kai Fury says:

Bro just get the master ball at spawn it's on the topest mountain at spawn

Far Dino says:

ihy your voice makes me throw up

Clark Gacayan says:

Is metagross a sodo legendary

Clark Gacayan says:

Blazekin or swampert

Anja Ullmann says:

Your poor magmar 😹😹
Since I subscribed to you I laugh everyday lol love your channel! And the avenue is amazing can’t wait for more

Cubegirl 97 says:

Can you please name your shiny Wooper Goofy Goober please <3

wazza says:

Blue is the lowest teir red is 2nd then gold/yellow is the to teir

Edward Hodson says:

Here's the pronunciation for Feebas (Fee-Bass)

Cole Green says:

Find the gold one's they are legendary

SillySid4Ever says:

I'm actually kinda sad he didn't get the Latias that's my favorite legendary

Tamazin Hall says:

Uxie is in the game which is an epic legendary

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