Kid cries after getting banned on my Minecraft server… (gets mom on the call)

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Kid gets upset after we ban him from our Minecraft server, then he gets his mom on the call.

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Axel Spring:


Eric Harris says:

His voice is like the bombing of fucking Hiroshima.

Eric Harris says:

I would've doxed that mother fucker.

Emerald Blaziken says:

Yo i like ur vids theyre entertaining when a kid got banned and cry or rage lolz

KawaiiCookie.H says:

That kid… his laughs are retarded I'm sorry

Shae day says:

a video of a little kid crying over getting banned on Thanksgiving and his mom asking why her son is upset like WTF

HardDuckMan says:

My dude what is the resolution quality

Bipolar Beast says:

These kids online pick on littler kids cause in real life they get stuffed in lockers. I hate people who pick on people for no reason.

KittyKatMermaid says:

This is upseting….. What if it could be you?

Weird_Person Not me says:

sniff <3

U.S.S.Rball • says:

The pictures tho XD

why do people think theyre mlg when theyre not says:

seriously, you kicked someone, permanently, for server disrespect? seriously, a month-ban would be fine, but permanently? people like you are retarded and dont think clearly and right

Cian Parkinson says:

This is hilarious

TruePokemonLover - Roblox & More says:

Then if you get banned, go on another server, that's acually better, stupid kid.

Mildoras Bruzikas says:

That was a bit mean, you should give him another chance, he said he wouldn’t do it again, and when you think about it, the fear of him getting banned will most likely make him think twice, c'mon guys, you’re better than that! Just give him another chance

Noahwarm says:

I gotta say this was a tad mean.

dj pocket says:

I was look ing for a sevewww for 3 horw help him😂

I Kodi husky says:

M8 this video is pretty lit I might put that guy as my Xbox one gamerpic

pukemanu jury says:

cough *cough**cough *cough**cough *cough**cough *cough piano nose in background

Tequila Cat says:

What a little bitch

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