Lag Busting: Furnaces On Top Of Hoppers [Minecraft Myth Busting 108]

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This episode we put furnaces and droppers to the test, finding out which reduces lag with a hopper beneath.

Are Furnaces On Top Of Hoppers Beneficial?

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xisumavoid says:

Any other things in the game you think need a lag bust? Reply here or tweet me 🙂

yaksher says:

Note that if you can't afford droppers (though I'm not sure when you'd be able to afford more hoppers than droppers, except I guess with an iron farm), ANY block is still better than a furnace, so just put would or cobble on top.

Endhog says:

A great topper for your hopper would be a nice, stone dropper!

Krystian Skruch says:

I don't understand

Zagdoodlenod says:


Rev_dude says:

Tps: ticks per second
Mspt: milliseconds per tick

Imke Vliet says:


Night Bot says:

Will illmango ever join hermitcraft? If feels like he already is a member tbh??

Ambassador Skull says:


IT'S OVER 9000

Robi Balogh says:

You're my favorite Minecraft YouTuber! Keep up the great work ^-^

Sprocket Creations says:

Dispensers on top of Hoppers?

Kerr Beeldens says:

Was this the Search bar reference?

WypmanGames says:

yay DROPPERS and not DISPENSERS crafting is easyer

Dale Kitchens says:

millisecond per tick

TackStash779 says:

What about hoppers on top of hoppers?

on top of hoppers on top of hoppers on top of hoppers on top of hoppers…

Lost Connection says:

Why do some people call it a half slab, isn't it just a slab?

Timothy McSwain says:

Uh… I’m confused here. Why is it important to put a Furnace — or now a Dropper — on top of a Hopper? Hoppers don’t need to have anything above them…

MoneyMakerMatt says:

Over 9000!!!!!!!

daniel reeves says:


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