LEGENDARY Minecraft PIXELMON CRANE GAME MOD CHALLENGE – Pokemon Modded Battle Minigame

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Today we play Minecraft Pixelmon Crane Game for a fun Pokemon Mod experience!
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120 Rounds in Bloons Tower Defense 5
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Knight The Wolf AJ says:

You should do a crane game with just Eeveelutions.

Sirfartsalot19 Awesome says:

Jerome, play ROBLOX on march 18 because u get free robux that day?

Chris Murphy says:

I love your wids tell Twitter he is amasing

nobleknight MC says:

who's favorite Pokemon is dellfox

Doc Holiday says:

at one point I ran into a guy who had 7000 ping

Abamy says:

When he said butterfree was a bug and psychic I started crying

EpicPlayzMC49 says:

Who else noticed the ho oh at 52:34?

Ben Myc says:

My ping goes to like 5000 if the microwave is on. Not even kidding, I just cant play/watch anything until the microwave is off. The interference it causes is crazy

Robo Miners minecraft and more says:

Do only ludicolo

Emrald99 says:

The 123 people who disliked are the 98%

Like if you get the reference

kitty marston says:

i wish i was american then i could watch his live streams but im not im britishso he streams for me at atleast 3:30

Brody Patrona says:

Bennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Bennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

David Levy says:

Regigigas's Ability is slow start halfs speed and attack for the first five turns it's out

DerpyMeepFTW says:

me when he catches lvl 63 regigegas and he gets lvl 39 mewtwo –

David Levy says:

Water is 4x super effective against RYPHERIOR

Alexander Elderhorst says:

Freeze can last forever. If you use a fire attack or get hit by one it will thaw you out but otherwise it's a 20% chance to thaw out currently. So if you are really unlucky like one guy I watched playing an empoleon in an oras battle you can get like 12 turns in a row of freeze hax. It basically lasts forever till the 20% chance kicks in.

Sarah Santiago says:

on round 3 you didnt get mewtwo you get regigiga lvl64

NoobAsianDood says:

Bastard Blade spoiled the second game. Add in legendary….. what a douchebag

Alexander Smidt says:

In league of legends my ping legit 24000 no freaking joke 200% legit

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