LITTLE KELLY BECOMES JOJO SIWA | Minecraft How to Become w/LittleCarly

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LITTLE KELLY BECOMES JOJO SIWA | Minecraft How to Become w/LittleCarly

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ROSE OMG says:

Hi!I love You Little Kelly and Carly!💛💜💖💗💝💞

Kayleigh Owens says:

Hi little kelly

Bunny Berry says:

Little Kelly I’ve been watching you since like 30,000 subs! And Little Carly too!

Ruby Lucas says:

Do a part to

Matthew Ruby says:

and jojo faked her dads death

Matthew Ruby says:

my brithday is in six more days

Divah Van says:

Jojo siwa 😊😊

Maria Vestersager says:

Yeah!!! Jojo and Kelly for the win!😂❤️👍🏻

Cj70916 says:

jojo is a little b***h she is an ungreatful for her fans

Porsche Abadilla says:

Why are they wearing boots

Nur Aisyah Farzanah Zahir says:

Did u guys relized at 7:02 LK was wearing a head?

BrooklynnIsCute says:


Black Widow says:


Joanna Howard says:

Little Kelly I like your video

Shannon Polley says:

My favorite YouTube her and this is a JoJo see you are video

avamemory says:

I love jojo 🙂

Jessica Hilton says:

Party Time!

Hayley Van Twest says:

LK,just walk in the door like a kid in the candy store

just walk in YT hq

Nur Aleesha Roland Ong says:

Why Jojo Siwa? Why not like Aurora

Tyra Jade says:

I thought it was ohh back at the mall

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