Logan Paul Hacks In Minecraft!?!

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the_sweggy_p says:

You look like Logan on the second verse when he says"we 24/7 man"

Bowboy2004 says:

Xturtle you should do a live stream

Nunz 05 says:

Why does xTurtle always get rekt by other cheaters??????

RoostPlayz says:

it every day bro with the disney channel flow kys logan paul

KnowPlayz GT says:

XTurtle clickbaits minecraft content?

Temmie says:

Unsubbed ):

Twinzo says:

you said skirt 38 times in that video

afifon says:

play with no hax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mess_up_master says:

Doesn't fly bypass on cubecraft

Samuel Nicolas says:

lol yes you do

Nikos Dim says:

well you just a fkcing idiot you just do clickbaits to get views nice well done

Munkhsuld Otgonbold says:

No ur ugly stupid no skillz haxer

TalriFyTV says:

when you need money

EJ. jubnub says:

Can you upgrade your video quality please

FlamableMC says:


I sent an email with an alt information. Read my email for further info.
Yeah, just thought I could send a free alt for you to use in a video <3

Qotaiba Fr says:

Hi, can you please help me to buy a minecraft premium account, i got scammed 3 times trying to buy a game for cheaper price, i can give you evidence,the game cost 26.5$ and i have 1.6$now i got 15$from my friend and cant add funds to my account my self, bc i live in jordan and its hard to get visa card here, if you helped me i would be very thankfully and wont ever forget this and i will try to give you something for it as best as i can. Thx for reading this and have a good day. donate me here: paypal.me/QotaibaXD

Ravil says:

Keep hacking on this game this game sucks

inFluenZe - says:

What server ip

SlayingAces says:

an axe isn't a sword

King LagPlex says:

England is my kitchen. America is my garage.

California is my living room.

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