LOGIC – “1-800-273-8255” MINECRAFT PARODY

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A Minecraft Parody of 1-800-273-8255 by logic
Instrumental remake by – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMY1pO6Nb0w


Galaxy Goats says:

Instagram- GalaxyGoats
Snapchat – Garrettmate
Twitter – Garrettmate

Supfreddy 101 says:

R.I.P. creeper 1 like = 1 prayer

Wyatt Braam says:

You just took a very serious song about suicide and made it a absolute joke out of it

Equiliz says:

This video makes me want to kill myself

DA BOYS says:

I look up to u 😂

Roblox Geek says:

This Song Is Totally Messing Up Logics Reputation

JaisonMN says:

Had to put down my pick axe and think about life…

Azzyinge says:

Why did you ruin my favourite song ever you little fuck bitch

s gs says:

This saved me 😢thanks 👏👏💪

Yung Vacuum says:

Saved my life :crying:

Finn Vautier says:

I got cancer from this

i have no friends says:

i dont do this cuz i think its stupid but one like is one prayer to the creeper that got his world deleted

Nicholas Ramirez says:

Cure to depression

SuPrEmE EnVy says:

Look I don’t think your a bad guy u need to do more parodies on retarded SoundCloud rappers instead


Saviour of minecraft

Dgav Production says:

"Stop it get some help''quote by Michael Jordan

Dominic Morri says:

So deep…😯

Harrison Mantzanas says:

I was very suicidal in minecraft before this now I'm not thankyou I was crying I built a iron noose it was depressing in fact I actually have crippling depression it's very sad but when in hard times I listen to this song and everyone who think this is just a meme ITS NOT this a real reason not to KYS IN MINECRAFT it's depressing millions of a players a day only mine iron and no diamonds they have all ended up killing themselves but anyone feeling suicidal I always recommend this song it touches my heart I'm soaking in my own tears

The creeper in noose brought back flashbacks for me very powerful message there

It's depressing that so many die A DAY from iron


elija cena1 says:

your fucked uo do u now what this song is about fuxk off yoir fuck up fuxk this fuck minecraft

Wuby Xyz says:

This is kinda fucked up because logic made this song for depressed people and you just made one of Minecraft one

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