MCPE 1.1 SECRETS !!! 16 Things You May Not Know about Minecraft PE 1.1

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if you know all of these, then you’re a Minecraft Pro. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments below… ☺

? How to Use and Get the Totem of Undying

? How to Find a Woodland Mansion

? My Other Channel


Raquel Yanez says:

I knew everything

Charles TGM says:

give me a shout out filipino po ako.

Phone Winmmo says:

I don't know how to send u an intro so I will tell u u can make an easy and fast video in panzoid

rodil espeno says:

i knew the adventure mode

Jan Martin Zamudio says:

+Mrpogz zamora i like the sleeping animation

Marius Schwartz Grathe 3A Rosendalskolen says:

I don't know all of it because I don't have the opdate:1.1

Syaz Wan says:

I just don't know 4 things

Виктория Кафтайкина says:

Твои видео крутые и все круто

Muhammad Nasaruddin says:

that concrete is not secret…..

Ibraheem Sheikh says:

Which u played in starting

Ibraheem Sheikh says:

pls tell the song

Ibraheem Sheikh says:

pls tell the song which u played in starting

Toxic Nigel says:

u always say usum

Eithan Salvador says:

Smart….? Filipino hmmmmmm

annisa panda gamer TV says:

allready know them from the PC version

lazi liezel Anaiuquj says:

Uummm i know all of this things so can you tell the im a pro lol:)

a renz gamer says:

7:28 I have a texture like that too (the candy one) it turns everything to sugar foods

a renz gamer says:

make a video about 1000 vindicator with axe vs wither boss?

Jaimedoes YouTube says:

Filipino din ako

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