Minecraft 1.10: Redstone Tutorial – BEST Elevator!

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Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/48v1yj/19_cheap_piston_elevator_design/

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Welcome to MrCrayfish’s Redstone Tutorials!. In this tutorial today, MrCrayfish will show you how to build the BEST EVER Elevator! This will surely impress your friends! If you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a thumbs up, comment and subscribe!

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MrCrayfish says:

It should be noted that this elevator doesn't not work on version 1.11 and higher of Minecraft. This was an awesome bug which unfortunately got removed. This was simply a quick tutorial to take advantage of the bug while you could.

Evelyn Solitario says:

please make an elevator tutorial on minecraft version1.2.5.15 beta

Tasha Majors says:

How to make a working boat

Akki 444 says:

Not working. I stay below the piston only! Pls help

ItsHelga One says:

Hey that doesn’t work

Grady Williams says:

This sucks it dose not work

Jack Heywood says:

Please show ps4 version it won't work because you play pocket edition

Tracia Brown says:

It does not work

Jada G says:

It isn't working I did everything correctly

DragonForce EX says:


Marko Tufegdzic says:

My sister and I both hate u

Marko Tufegdzic says:

My sister and I think u r rally annoying and bad😤😈☠😼

XD Gamer says:

Does not work

Kawaii Kitten says:

How you must to get down

Brick-KaOs says:

Ive got one of your books

Leo says:

I doesn’t work on my xbox

Kūki no abatā says:

You need to build elevator or other projects in minecraft PE.

Gamer Tube says:

Sub my Channel I Will Make A Elevator for All Version Just Sub me

renee rodriguez says:

Didn't work 😥😮😤😤😤😤😤

Aiko Arickx says:

not working
on my pc

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