Minecraft 1.12: Automatic Record Farm / Creeper Farm

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Minecraft Showcase Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKgxIAR0_8td4Bzb0uU7h8tp
This automatic record farm will farm creepers for gunpowder and records!

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xisumavoid says:

My website is currently offline. You'll have to check back later for the world download. Currently no ETA on its return :-/

Toby says:

disliked because you cant pronounce "tutorial"

Dekka Deaths says:

Give to the skeleton a power 4 bow, like that he kills faster.

Chanticleer Guitarra says:

Yeah totally forgot cats scare creepers lol. I almost never find jungle biomes these days since the 1.7 update so I dont use cats anymore. This is a very creative yet simple mob farm! 10/10 easily!

XanthiaTV says:

already knew the mechanics but watched it anyway..
Clever Design.

AshnSilvercorp says:

I never knew how to restrict to creeper spawning, that's neat.

*HI* says:

X has gone back to derp land
His accent has gone back to normal
He even says

Diamond Wolf says:

Those "carpets" where the creepers land are stone slabs.

寂筑羽 says:

can anyone tell me does looting work on the bow the fella holding?

Dragon Lord says:

Still cant say tutorial can you. 🙂

Srdjan X56 says:

This was a really well explained "choochorial"! Thanks X! 😀

Dylan Topham says:

I started watching this and was confused after a few minutes because I thought I clicked on a hermitcraft where you work on this farm.

Ahmed Maher says:

Minecraft Science has gone too far

StarFilms says:

Really helps
Does it work on Pocket?

One100_ Minecraft says:

Can u just make a simple one for survival players because this is hard to make it dude please if any one agree with me make a somple version dude and thx for the TOTurial

Alan Hunter says:

Honestly don't think this farm really needs a chuchorial. It's so elegantly simple and the usage of barrier blocks makes it easy to tell what's going on.

AndrogyneMichinaga says:

Very nice. An idea for Hermitcraft, using the high level of spawners, would be a target range. Feeding mobs from spawners into water streams, then routing them around for different ranges of shots with bows. A bit like the ducks at a fairground.

Saad Memon says:

man I want to see X build this farm in hermitcraft it would be absolutely crazy

Rimea says:

Nice design! Seems especially handy for early-game gunpowder, and obviously records. I do wonder why you did take into consideration the subchunk-loading, yet didnt just build the farm a subchunk higher. although this would slightly decrease the spawn-attempts, I'm sure the fact that they wouldnt need a slow and sort of useless water elevator to go up, would significantly increase the droprates.
Then again, for a record-farm, efficiency is definetly not as important as a full mobfarm, since as you did in Hermitcraft, you'll likely end up getting every record within minutes.
Also awesome seeing you're doing a tutorial again 😀

DtbO4 games says:

Why dont you use packed ice in the water channels? If the creepers die faster then it will be able to spawn new ones. It just increases the gunpowder drops in total.

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