Minecraft 1.12 Chicken Cooker – Automatic Compact Lossless Tutorial

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Minecraft Tutorial Playlist ► http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEB388783144C45A8
This minecraft tutorial will show you how to build a compact, automatic and lossless chicken farm!

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Dom wpc says:

nice choocorial!

Justin Joseph says:

Wtf burnout torch

Delve says:

What is X's favorite number?

I don't know, you gotta find it.

Gold4Seph says:

Am I missing a trick X? Why can the lava not just sit on top of the half slab all the time like in older versions? It would remove the need for some of the redstone.

SilverTuxedo says:

You could get rid of the observer by using a piece of redstone dust I think. The change in signal strength should update the torch.

DarkDerpSkillz says:

THANK YOU. This is EXACTLY what I need. Thanks so much :3

Jam'N' Chips says:

Two hundred and twenty first comment on this video

Thixus says:

What is the approximate yield on the machine? I know it won't be massive but it would still be nice to know

Insane says:

Doesn't work on PocketEdition/Windows10Edition

MineCrafty167 says:

15th dislike for the win

Kubax says:

Does this work on mobile? (MCPE)

Jaiden Thies says:

X, your old design does still work and to get more drops why don't you add hoppers going up on to a 3 wide strip of hoppers or whatever you prefer, it'd triple your drops

Scar 101 says:

What is X's email.Is it Xisuma@gmail.com?

Red the Fox says:

The chicken farms don't produce as much cooked chicken as they used to. :/

Monolito says:

Finally something not done by Scicraft!

ImDaveead says:

I think the entity cramming thing will get fixed eventually

TrypticOwen says:

I don't understand why the observer is necessary when moving the daylight sensor? It seems to still have sky access if directly next to the torch…

DrOpThAt says:

I love it! I started a new survival & needed a source of food.
You're magical.

MrMrRubic says:

Does it need sky access?

The3gg says:

I'm gonna stick with ofer's 3x3x3 design. Thanks though 🙂

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