Minecraft 1.12: Diamond Defender 2 (Realms Mini-Game)

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Minecraft Showcase Playlist ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKgxIAR0_8td4Bzb0uU7h8tp
Diamond Defender 2 is a single player or multiplayer Mini-Game for Minecraft Realms that requires you to defend diamonds from an onslaught of creepers that will denote and send them into the void! Survive 10 waves of attacks to beat the game and try for a highscore!

Download Here

Diamond Defender 2 was made by Pollieboy & Vilder50

● Second Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/xisumatwo
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Music By Machinima Sound
Song: Skirt Shaker
Website: http://machinimasound.com/license

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xisumavoid says:

This mini-game is released on Realms tomorrow. Its also available as a world download to play in single player or on a server 🙂 Enjoy!

hyland welch says:

Three years later…

Pecoliky says:

Ignore this comment

Zyonic Mkz says:

I really luved watching the first on from other ytbers to bad i dont habe mc java

Jméno says:

Tweleve? Anyone? 1:00?

Ham Boy says:

It would be cool If there was stuff around the arena, like scenery. Is there a reason you didn't do that?

YH Craft says:

that available in map for?

David Atkinson says:

Very cool!! Can't wait to play it!

Tolkien Rogers says:

are hermits going to play?

Darkstar GB says:

That music tho

Iىɾaɭҽҳ says:

I subscribed when diamond defender 1 came out :'D

Ibraheem650 _ says:

OMG! This reminds of the very old days when i first saw the map!

But it's kinda sad to not see any map decorational improvments

Amichai Bar-Haim says:

I thought X was gonna drop a rap at the beginning with this music XD

Daniel Nelson says:

Oh Haha I thought you were going to be playing it in this video. Can't wait until it comes out to try it out.

LoginatorVGaming says:

X play this map I want to see you play it (:

Don't steal my diamonds :V says:

Cool. How do you even die?

Mohawk2 says:

Seems great!

LightningEmerald says:

Wow X! This is amazing! It must've taken you ages to perfect! Keep up the amazing work, and congratulations on another map added to Realms! 🙂

Michael Lindley says:

now i wanna see a hermit colab with as many as possible on this

TheDerpiestHuman says:


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