Minecraft 1.12: Hermitcraft Advancement Pack

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The Hermitcraft Advancement Pack adds 79 new advancements into your world, themed around the Hermits themselves.

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Download Here

How to find your minecraft folder
Click the start button and type %appdata% and press enter
This will open a folder with .minecraft inside!

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xisumavoid says:

Whats odd about the /r/Hermicraft typo is that i spotted it in editing, changed it and thought "that would be so typical to make a silly mistake". I dont know how it changed back….

The Pilot Penguin says:

this might get me back into vanilla again since grinding stuff for 1.12 is going to be boring without some other goals

Cholloway01 says:

XVS plotworld Squad??

Cavinator 1 says:

Hint for anyone who is stuck on a certain advancement: Just open up the advancements' json files and examine the code.

pigandchickenextraAB says:

#260pSquad Well, I didn't suspect to see it this early!

thegamer101 says:

How did you make your hermit craft server??

ErrorTech says:

How did you make the thumbnail?

Redigator says:

1080p is so overrated

Lilbigbomb says:

Why is the video still in 360p 7 hours later?

Eemil Alanen says:

can i use these with realms

Alex Ramirez says:

Update the "More Mob Heads" from ur website to include the new mobs!!! plz XD

James Hawkins says:

Can you/Have you made a video on how to make your own custom advancements? I would love to know how to make my own

Venkat Nimmagadda says:

thx wooden arrow

twjolson says:


What if his real name IS Xisuma, and we've been fooled into thinking its an online persona?

Mind blown.

QDC says:

are you going to add this to hermitcraft?

Doublut says:

This is great! good things you all give us!

aka the letter j says:

hoping Etho's first advancement is to throw a blue shiny rock in to lava… just saying.

MineCrafty167 says:

Are you going to be adding these to Hermitcraft?

jude1c9v says:

#xisumavoid : Will u be updating your Mob Head loot table to include cat, parrot, lama heads etc.. ?

Kunal Joshi says:

Can you also share things like the 2 shells shulker drops loot tables and elytra dropped by the ender dragon all at once? 😀 great video btw

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