Minecraft 1.12: Realistic Water Fountain Tutorial

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Minecraft Tutorial Playlist ► http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEB388783144C45A8
This video will show you how to build a water foutain with animated particle effects.

How to get to the plot
Visit play.xisumavoid.com (minecraft IP)
Go into the plot world portal
Type “/p tp 54;44” into chat

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mwalsher says:

It’s realistic, looks great, and it’s simple. Very nice.

bg6b7bft says:

You had accidentally made a clock earlier where an observer was triggering a water dispenser, and was being triggered by the changing water level.

Could that be used here?

I was also wondering if you could place that sort of setup along a beach to make a "tide" effect, of water coming in and out.

Lucas Reed says:

Does this work on servers with ClearLag? Since the arrows are still entities, I would assume they get cleared.

ReBMusic says:

This didn't work for Xbox but then again it's a different version so :/ its all good

Michael Ezinga says:

I dare Xisumavoid to pin my comment.

HappyHam says:

I hope to see more community builds in the future.


Jacob Mosier says:

I used the terracotta block and it did not work…

I recommend using the GLAZED terracotta block. When will you stop derping, X?

Naseem Hoque says:

Observer clocks were removed from console coz it's an unintended feature.

[Faze] Killa says:

1:30 x said do do ??

Blue Potato says:

SERVERS ARE DOWN!! ALERT!! SERVERS ARE DOWN!! (well Java got an update sooo…)

Prudence Li says:

Watching x 's videos you can know what he is into. Now is tipped arrows

Buttercake Eggpie says:

What did the librarian say to the student

Read More

StrikeWing17971 says:

It still looks like arrows.

John Sullivan says:

Yay. Another Choochurial with X

Robby Gamer says:

Xisuma! Watch ilmangos new video are furnaces beneficial. It's very useful for you. It's about putting furnaces on hoppers vs droppers and stuff.

Lightning theBeast says:

Did x say stinky piston XD

SuperMiner25 says:

X go watch imago latest vid about the hopper and furnaces

Adham Hany says:

This is sooooo easy to make

AugGaming says:

Can i do it with lava and iskallium aswell?

Topi Eskelinen says:

And here's the video, as promised ☺️ The expectations didn't fail me from your Twitter post, both thumbnail and the build look real cool!

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