Minecraft: 1.12 Update Building Tricks and Tips

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Minecraft: 1.12 Update Building Tricks and Tips. I’ve been experimenting in minecraft with the new 1.12 blocks and have a bunch of exciting tricks and tips on how to use them. Hope you enjoy! If you have any ideas yourself dont forget to share them!

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Puppy Playz says:

Maybe you can do a video on more different uses for the tarracotta blocks idk

Kittycorner12345 says:

Grian: White, orange, pink, yellow, green, pink-
Me: You said pink twice, the first "Pink" was magenta. GET SCHOOLED, BRUH!

Midnight Gamer says:

Um… You forgot carpet at the beginning.

Master Techachu says:

New beds? Yes! I can finally make a red bed!!

Chris Goodhew says:

Leave a like if you LOVE the new updates!!!

Izzie Brierley says:

i wish I could come up with these ideas!

Mobiled French Toast says:

now we need More paintings that have one color only to create a flat wall. and alsO coBblestone wall shaped coloured stuff…
and a new way of placing blocks In spawn eggs… Like roads so you don't have to kEep breaking and placing blocks, or cloning. all you have to Do is break (the position) and place the spawn egg. there are coloured beds but no coloured wood :/ new flowers or wood types cause the 7 types of wood is getting old 🙂 wishing volcanoes will be added with a new biome or dimension, structure ec.t. and please… stop it with updates ruining the game ;-; mojang should create a guide or a restone/command block guide book so people don't have to search or watch millions of videos. (do you think so?) mooooooore food! fast food, carbs and stuff. animals becasue minecraft is sooooooo lonely… i'm dun.

Maxiimu says:

The first minecraft video that I have watched in 4 whole years! This game has come so far!

VekiMC says:

Great Video !!!!! i like it

zaharah thompson says:

We have all of this in 1.11 in minecraft Pe

Carolyne WInters says:

Grain do more ARKUS I love it when you do that fun show and I love your channel

The wolf gamer says:

These builds are so cool that I ignore them and read the comments #grianiswierdlycreative

The wolf gamer says:

You don't look green lol

NightMare Moon YT says:

Tbh the bed ideo is very nice.

The wolf gamer says:

Remember minecraft when we only had cobblestone, the memories ?


Grian:if you've been living under a rock

Me: I live in a box!!

DanielBProductions says:

Try to terraform an area to only be made out of 1.12 stuff, NO GRASS! just 1.12

Audrey Seddon says:

I loved the new concrete blocks, finally I have just the right colours to build with. The colours of the clay and most other blocks just didn't work for what I wanted to do. Also, the coloured beds don't seem to work in the PS4 edition.

TheGoldenSnake says:

"And it kinda escaped your notice that I put a bunch of gray bed either side this road"

No, this was the first and most obvious thing when you showed the street. -___-

Warren Javier says:

grian i sub and i turned on the notification on

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