Minecraft 1.12 Vertical Slabs (Vanilla Minecraft) Tutorial

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Minecraft Tutorial Playlist ► http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEB388783144C45A8
This video will show you how to make vertical slabs in minecraft!

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Visit the build at play.xisumavoid.com
Enter the plotworld and type “/warp vertical” in chat. Note: The server is spigot and the build doesn’t have the vertical slabs.

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Fabian Rivero says:

Warning !!!! It doesn't work in 1.12.1

Ein Frosch~ says:

What about the dragon egg?

RimaNari says:

Are these falling sand entities actual entities or tile entities? The latter causes less lag, right? I am concerned when using a hundred of these things in a build that it causes too much lag.

HeyImEpic .Z says:

A bit of a tip for you,if you are in creative or have cheats enabled in your world you can summon a falling_block entity that has a changed blockID so that you can have all of the possible blocks as a vertical half slab,if you don't know how to do the /summon falling_block command I suggest looking up tutorials on how to change them 🙂

D.V.D-Entertainment says:

looks laggy

KillraStealer2 says:

Can they rest on show layers? if so you can make it stay on all 16 layers of a block right?
I havent played minecraft in over 2 years so i am a bit out of the loop

Mike0748 says:

i think there might be a way to turn any block into a falling sand entity. if so this can be taken to an extreme level

neverdigup says:

Well, it's not a Vertical Slab. It can resemble one.

Andrew L. says:

These don't have hitboxes though do they?

Kool Kyurem25 says:

What about anvils?

Vratislav Jindra says:

I'm wondering about lag caused by this.

X, you use the falling entities in your Hermitcraft base, I've seen some other Hermits use it as well, and now this. How much of this can we safely do so that we don't "overdo" it? I don't want my base/the whole world become laggy or eventually break it, although I really like this and can already imagine how and where I would use it.

Can you maybe make a myth busting episode where you check if too much of falling entities cause lag, and if there is a certain threshold we shouldn't go past?

Thank you ever so much.

Huey P. Burrito says:

Can you walk on the V slabs placed at different heights like stairs?

michaelmobley3690 says:

techically with commands you can summon any block as a falling sand entity. and then push it the same way. so if ya had the full slab block summoned ontop of the machine, push it onto the iron bar and such like in the video. itd look like a true half sla on a wall.

I want videos people!

Master TMO says:

Does not work in MCPE/Realms. The Shulker Box will not open with the concrete powder next to it. 🙁

brightmatter - says:

Not a Minecraft developer here, but a developer nonetheless. I'd recommend that if you use this technique, you best not update your game. If you want to try a new version, you should back up your game first. Even a point release might cause entities to snap. This is obviously a bug and is likely to be fixed… eventually. It might not even be on purpose. Sometimes developers are trying to implement a new feature and need a certain behavior and update pre-existing code to do it. This can "break" sensitive builds that were reliant on entity misbehavior. Just a warning.

Da creepy creeper says:

This will change minecraft forever

ClockworkAvatar says:

Slowjang just needs to bite the bullet and give us stairs, fences/walls, and half slabs of every building material, as well as vertical half slabs and multi half slab blocks.

Marilyn Harline says:

I have been wanting sideway slabs

Firenyth says:

arent these blocks considered falling sand still? and will despawn once their timers expire? i was experimenting with falling sand on top of mobs but they would despawn unless i refreshed the time on them every few minutes

Symbro says:

no way?!?! they finally added them?!?!
(oh… i got excited too fast)

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