Minecraft 1.2 – 6 SECRET FEATURES (Minecraft tips, tricks, facts and glitches)

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Today we indulge in 6 secret Minecraft PE features! In this video, we will go over 6 different tips, tricks, facts, glitches and others that aren’t in the changelog of Minecraft 1.2! Most of these these cool Minecraft 1.2 secrets were found out by you guys via my twitter! If you know and secrets about Minecraft, share them there to have a chance to be in my video! Thanks for staring!
►Twitterz: https://twitter.com/youtubeaghq

►DANK intro by SharkFX: https://youtu.be/kkyEEh4-Jys


Don Shun Martinez says:

The 2 to da last is kinda useful for parkour

Nadiem Haqeem says:

Do you know that you can get Command Blocks by using this command?

/give (yourname) command_block

S J says:

Structure block work in Windows 10 mincraft

Rachel M/G00BL10 says:

Idk if you remember me- but I was in a livestream that you joined! I was a mod for KeelzVids and you joined her stream and made her day🙂 i subscribed😄


all the guy did to "view the files of mc" is he got es file explorer from the app store…

Party Creeper297 says:

We still can't duel wield and there's no shield

NeonSquad04 says:

The fitness gram pacer test is a comprehensive test that measures the physical abilities of the taker🏃🏻💪🏼

Xx1n5an3xX Awesome says:

Why don't you get home school…

TheBrownPotato says:

Is this guy a frog

Aurumkid 8007 says:

The flying glitch is a feature

Djdude167 says:

AGHQ, the sticky flying is do to the fact that you have hide paper doll turned on

AzulExePastel {Werewolf} 青EXEパステル {Werewolf} says:

My birthday is in November…
Don't trust edited comments.

Disastrous HorrorMaker says:

The flying thing doesn't happen on Android.

Chazahc Vilbar says:

You forgot the Mainmenu confirm button once you got killed..

I Emota I says:



Want Mcpe for free ? Check me and use my Apple ID 😏😁

Julian c says:

" the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" lol

T A Crafter says:

Mitochondria is the power House of Cell

the charched creeper says:

We are not soocers boyyyyy

Smartdogs 202 says:

Love ur vids AGHQ!!!

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