Minecraft 1.8 New Zombie Leader Secret Rare Mob! Safer Villagers & Zombie Door Break Nerf

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Villagers are much safer in Minecraft 1.8, but the Zombies have a secret new leader! Discovered by ridddle, a new value called “CanBreakDoors” makes it so that even on Hard difficulty most Zombies only break doors about 1-2% of time. The new Zombie Leader rare mob spawn makes up for this however, with more health, increased reinforcements, & guaranteed door breaking for leading village zombie sieges. Thanks for watching guys…new 1.9 snapshots are on the way soon!

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ridddle’s Zombie Door Breaking Discovery: http://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/2qqgcx/til_minecraft_18_changed_how_zombies_break_doors/

Seed: -770290065

Minecraft Snapshot Update News:

Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1-wEXWky1A&list=PL_lABM4PHKBL7pONSinV-2XfjhcyOdQpk&index=1

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Background Music by Andrew Riley

Ending song “Swimming Bird’s Theme” by Julian Cornell: https://soundcloud.com/julian-cornell


Lawl Mart says:

They should make the leader zombie wear a skeleton skull, and other zombies
will follow him.
He should also have the ability to see you from farther away, so you might
notice a hoard of zombies following one zombie, leading to some more
strategic and dangerous attacks from them.

Mikolaj Rosolek says:

Maybe leader zombies would be taken as ‘king’ zombie and always have a
enchnted golden helmet.
1. So he would look majestic
2. He wouldnt burn in day

TheBrickMaster250 says:

I really like this. Makes zombies even more hard to fight, yet balances
village sieges perfectly. The door tag was in the game for awhile, but I’m
sure it got changed in 1.8, and the leader zombie is new.
And 5% is a higher chance than you think. I mean, now we have 5% zombie
villagers, 5% baby zombies, and 5% leader zombies. That makes 15% of zombie
spawns special zombie subsets. And there is a 1/3 chance of one of each
spawning in that 15%.
Are you catching my drift, man?

_M4Z_Pl4yS_ says:

Dislike if you love CoD and think it is the best game evar.

No h8 m8.

xXx_420_Bl4z3_1t_xXx Blaze it Michael says:

if i gets 99999999999999 subzkriberz in 2 (nine) secundz i wil injekt 5
(fiv) hol mariwanas 

The Betas says:

Villagers are my favourite mob in the game,and also endangered in servers
cus they’re village is always griefed,wow what’s wrong with people

Nacho says:

The leader should always spawn with golden armor, and a skull or something
on it’s head. Maybe it could be a bit taller, like half a block taller than
regular zombies (kinda like Wither Skeletons). When he spawned, he should
have a horde of 5-8 zombies around him, and whenever he gets close to
zombies, they start following him!

Madison Kimsey says:

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Gift C0de* and *Faceb00k H@ck* yeah I’ve tested and works very good ->

sharir1701 says:

CanBreakDoors existed since before 1.8. I believe since 1.7.2, but may have
been earlier. This is nothing new. Regarding “Zombie Leaders”, I see no
evidence in neither the game code nor the NBT tags for zombies (I think my
testing with 10,000 zombies is sufficient proof as far as NBT goes) for
such a feature. I am not disqualifying it, I am simply saying I think you
may be mistaken and I am curious as to where you found this information and
whatever your source is, how they determined such as thing.

NuclearVideosHD says:

I love your videos man! Watch them literally all day while playing

craftingTARDIS50 says:

This is not a 1.8 exclusive feature. In previous versions 1.7x) they could
have up to 10 more hearts. They all could break down doors though. It’s on
my channel check. 

Geoffrey Johnson says:

I think they should make the zombie reinforcement chance go over 100% *with
commands,* not naturally. Like how it halves every time. 200% spawns two
zombies than goes to 100%. 150% spawns either one or two zombies, than goes
to 75%, etc.

leftymu says:

Did it sound like he had a cold to anyone else?

bloodyhoody2 says:

That explains a lot of things… I built some sort of tower in the nether
and a pigman just kept breaking the same damn door over and over again
hahaha… I had no clue why, none of the others were doing that… And, as
there are obviously no villagers in the nether, he would just stand next to
the door and break it over and over, without even going through…

Great video as always!

xXxDamageProxXx says:

or surround the village with fences. And torches.

Tulio Kip says:

I’m glad that they are making this change, especially now that the trades
are being a lot more useful. The zombie leader should have something that
makes him look different from all other zombies, so that you can defend
villagers when needed.

Thomas Holloway says:

The CanBreakDoors is old. because if you use the command /entitydata
@e[r=1]{} you get all the data on the zombie. and I thought the zombies
with the higher health when I was messing around with this command was due
to difficulty. maybe the leaders spawn more commonly on harder

ObiJuanKenobi3 says:

They need to add more features to the other monsters now like a bigger
blast radius for creepers, or make it so that creepers have a 20% higher
chance of spawning behind you or something.

Marcho Bomb says:

Hey I hit a leader zombie that spawned in a leader zombie So yea i got
about 20 zombies after me

Nikos Moe says:

I noticed that most zombies couldn’t break down doors back before I was
afflicted by bug MC-45458 (or a similar variant) which forced me to stop
playing, but I totally thought it was a bug! Lol, glad that has been sorted

saba varduashvili says:

iven there was a zombie leader and army they will die steve can kill them
easly and they walk slow then it will be sun rize and they willl die

Chameleonred5 says:

That explains the behavior I noticed. I thought it might have been a bug,
or a faulty pathfinding.

Lilbigbomb says:

The zombie leader should be a bit taller and have a darker skin color. And
always spawn with some type of armor.

K3WRO says:

I really hope they fix the odd village spawning soon, The block under the
gravel helped a bit but I’m still getting some villages in lakes, on hills,
and most of the houses being buried underground.

Patrick Sultana says:

That happened to me on xbox i was killing a zombie and two more just
spawned and xbox is in 1.6.4!

Cloudchaser101 says:

that’s really cool. I want to see one!

Magic Gonads says:

I think that they should be able to break doors on Hard, this should only
be a thing on Easy.
Isn’t the point of Hard supposed to be hard?

Flutter Crafter says:

i want
Different skin for leader zombies
and a way to spawn leaders with commands

GrannyGamer1 says:

Well, I MAY be slightly less panic stricken, as I block village doors, but
I’ll just assume some “leader’s” going to show up, anyway, so best to be
prepared. but this is a relief.

Nicky Kuo says:

I never knew he recorded in 60 FPS :O

Caleb Elwell says:

Mob Squad (Hank and Jed)

Zombie: Markus
Skeleton: Phil
Creeper: Cooper
Creeper: Andy
Spider: Lyle
Spider: Kirby
Slime: Nigel
Enderman: Cameron

Cosmic Spartan says:

Adam! It also works with the can pick up items!

ThePat545 says:

Who agrees this new “zombie leader” should have been a giant

RadiatedPlace48 says:

Iv seen these in the xbox version! There is also leader zombie pigmen in
the nether! They spawn regular zombies in the nether!

dud3crft the warrior says:

Where is the tomodachi life?!

Sy-han Wu says:

dont think it’s anything special since they look the same

Mario3785 says:

Wow, really?!

TanookiGamer says:

That leader zombie reminds me a lot of I’m a legend (There was also some
kind of zombie leader). I also think that they should slightly change the
texture of a ‘leader’ zombie.

SaziumR says:

But swimmingbird, they added (fixed) a feature or an event that zombies can
spawn even if it was all half slabed, when attacking villages, of course at
night. You can check this out by just creating a village in a half slabed
super flat world.

noobtube887 says:

Hmm. cool to say the least

Caleb Elwell says:

Please use at least ONE of my names. It would really make me happy.

Nerdy Skitty says:

It’s not so secret

Lily Redding says:

i hate villagers 

George Chandler says:

That’s relly cool but I do wish there was some sort of way to tell elders
from the rest 

DistortionDragon says:

That’s unexpected…

Meltroxgeolix LunarGlare says:

Well that would explain me trying to kill a zombie and it taking longer and
spawning reinforcements almost every hit. =I

Tyler Jobe says:

oh! now i know what zombie reinforcements attributes are :D

Corwin Keylon says:

I’m getting sick and tired of this game being easy. I say all zombies break
down wooden doors on all difficulties, and possibly a 2% chance to be able
to break iron doors on hard.

Ron Gweta says:

do you think that maybe the Leader Zombie Texture will get changed to
something more creepy like… riped Shirt or red eyes… or maybe just
bigger or with another voice or you think they Will Allways Look The Same?

minebug says:

Does anyone have or know of a resource pack that shows the leader zombie
than the others? Please give me a link or something.

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